Johnnie B Fur Gilet

Last week, I read at least 4 posts from my favourite bloggers about fur gilets and I admired several outfits on Avenue 57 too (here, here and here). The post that stood out for me was Joanna's from Poppy's Style, who'd bought her gilet from Boden's teen range - Johnnie B. I loved the colour and the way she styled it so I decided to take advantage of their 22% off last week and try it out too....
It looks quite short in the first photo but seeing it on the model and on Joanna, I took a chance on the age 15-16 size and I'm really pleased with it! It seems to be around about a UK size 10-12. 
By the way, if you have a *really* funny man in your life you will be asked how many Golden Retrievers were harmed in the making of your outfit. You'll just have to suck it up. Men don't seem to get the faux fur thing. There were several more remarks made while he took these photos....

Faux Fur Gilet - Johnnie B at Boden (20% off - only age 15-16 left)
Biker Style Coat - Matalan (sold out - similar below)
Black Skinny Jeans - Gok for TU at Sainsburys (AW12)
Black Wool Long-Line Jumper - H&M (AW12)
Long Black Riding Boots - Carl Scarpa (AW11 - similar below)
Neon Leopard Scarf - Heatons (SS13)

Here's my selection of similar items...
Fur Gilets 
Black Biker Style Coats

Long Black Riding Boots

I'm away now to worry for 2 days solid about my first born on his first ever school trip away. He's up the Mourne Mountains during the coldest week this winter & 60 mph gales...and he's only 9! All re-assurance from mums who've been through this already is welcomed!
Have a great day... 
PS the boots from yesterday have had a second coat, a suede brushing and are ready for wearing. I will share them on the blog tomorrow, weather permitting...


  1. I love this gilet - it looks so good on everyone I know who has it and I'm still astounded it's a kids gilet!!!!

  2. Hi my dear! The gilet looks fabulous and under your biker coat this is a really stylish layered outfit! xx

  3. Oh your man has a sense of humour doesn't he? How many labradors indeed! I think it's fab under the coat and I bet it's toasty too. I always feel the difference when I put my furry gilet on.

  4. It looks gorgeous - I love how you have layered it under the coat - the color contrast looks brilliant. We now need a sign 'no animals were harmed in the making of this gilet':) xx

  5. Wow! The gilet looks amazing under your it! It's such a lovely great colour, it will go with loads! I need to get with this party too! x

  6. Wow! I love how you've styled this under your coat as opposed to the gillet being just outerwear. Want one even more now.

  7. Anonymous17:10

    It looks fab Avril. What a great idea to wear it under your coat, as the other ladies said. It's a gorgeous colour too. Liz x

  8. I have a French Connection fur gilet from about 2 years ago that I have never worn. I feel it's too warm and then suddenly the weather changes and it's too cold, so as much as I love them, mine just never gets worn. I also don't like feeling bundled up, yours looks fab under your coat but with my figure I'd look like a sack of spuds!

  9. I love this - I did look at it too but can't do cream! I often buy children's clothes (when they go up to age 16 of course!), sometimes you get just the shape you want in kids and not in adults! Have also veered from ankle boots to long boots in this cold weather..loving the options:)

  10. Anonymous20:28

    I used to think gilets (in any shape or form) were preposterous but have to admit you's are all swinging me lol

  11. Fab gilet, it looks great on you, must admit I am quite often drawn to the Johnnie B range in Boden, their kilts this year were fab but sold out pretty quickly! Love the gilet underneath your coat looks super x

  12. Love the gillet! Love your husband's comments too;) Trust me, you will worry the whole time your little man is away, but he will have a great time. Frezing weather and wind is not hinderance to fun, (even if he gets cold and whinges) it only adds to the bragging stories once he is home and warm. I have survived quite a few trips with Xander now and to be honest they dont get easier for me, but his stories do get bigger.

  13. Looks great ! Perfect for this cold spell! Your little man will have a ball- if he s anything like mine he will come back filthy with the only clean thing being his toothbrush which he won't have used! Hang in there - he will be home soon filling up the washing machine and eating you out of house and home! X

  14. Top marks to your hubby for humour!!! I love fur gilets on everyone else but they seriously look horrendous on me. I tend to look like a crazy, tiny Viking,. sad :(

  15. Love a filet, cosy without restrictive arms! I have a lovely grey one with paisley lining which I've had years, currently admiring a White Stuff one!
    Enjoy spoiling your little man when he returns! Xx


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