What I've Been Wearing This Week (and a massive twin bump!)

This week has been so busy in the shop that I've not been sharing my outfits so today's post is a bit of a catch up. Tuesday, I was in the charity shop and it was a case of tons of layers as the shop gets so cold this time of year...

Merino Coatigan - Deane & White @ TK Maxx (similar)
Scarf - Savida @ Dunnes (old - similar colours here)
Blouse - TK Maxx (old)
Cream Heattech Top - Uniqlo
Grey Utility Skinnies - Uniqlo
Beige Suede Boots - Mango (2013 version on link) 
Wednesday was scarf delivery day and I spent most of it photographing the new stock and getting orders out the door. Here I am playing with one of the new scarves - just sold out but more coming next week..
Scarf - SGS Shop
Breton Top - Petit Bateau @ Atterley Road (available here)
Jeans - Gok for TU @ Sainsburys (old)
Beige Cardigan - TU at Sainsburys (old)
Boots - as before
Thursday was Disney on Ice day...when I remembered about it. The tickets were a birthday present for the twins from their Aunt and just before school pick up, I remembered about it. Cue very rushed change out of Pilates gear into something cosy for the Ice rink at the Odyssey.
Grey Coat - Zara (old - similar here)
Scarf - SGS shop
Grey Long Line Jumper - Benetton (old)
Skinny Indigo Jeans - French Connection (older)
Long Black Riding Boots - c/o Daniel Footwear
I have to say that apart from the rip off merchandise stalls, it was an amazing show. A talented group of performers and I must confess to shedding a tear at the end of the Rapunzel piece when they had a little girl from the audience help them launch a lantern...maybe I'm hormonal??!
No photo from today as I'm back in the Pilates gear. A few of us were asked to come along this morning for a photo session for the studio's new website. It was great fun and I'll share the pictures when they're ready. I didn't get changed after that as the birthday party preparations immediately began. The twins are 5 on Monday but we've told them their birthday is tomorrow (Sunday) so I've been making cupcakes and rice krispie buns all afternoon...
I'll leave you with a photo from this day 5 years ago. It's of me sitting with my wee man trying to choose names for the twins the night before I went into hospital. It's not the best quality as we were clearly having a great chat when the picture was taken but I still can't believe my tummy was so big - that's what 13lb of baby looks like...thank goodness for Pilates is all I can say!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend - I'll share the party outfits on Monday!


  1. Awe look at wee Callum. And look at the size of you! Five years has flown by. Happy birthday wee ones.

    1. Thanks Liz - hasn't he grown? Hope you get lots of lovely sleep tonight xx

  2. The night before having twins and you still look well dressed - accessories and all! You're a legend! X

    1. Lol - I had my priorities right. Probably because those black trousers were all that fitted me at the end. I think I wore the same thing every day for about 3 weeks #minger :) x

  3. LOL Claire're so right! There's not many that can look that good the night before delivering twins! And oooh, there's my scarf! .. Sold out you say? Not surprised. It's gorgeous. Enjoy the birthday celebrations x

    1. Never fear - there's one for you tucked away in a hidey place Helen! xx

    2. I'm talking about scarves...not babies! lol...

  4. Wow that is the perfect round bump & you still look tiny that heavily pregnant! It was clearly all baby! I love the all grey outfit at the top! Have a wonderful day with the girls tomorrow! HB little ones! Ax

  5. Wowzers, you look so stylish in that 'bump' picture. In fact you look like you have just stuffed a space hopper under your' top! I look frazzled with 8lb of baby in there. X

  6. Hi there!! Hope the twins have a smashing birthday and love all your outfits, very inspiring layering going on!! xxx

  7. Oh what a lovely picture! I love how it is a perfectly neat double bump! What lovely memories that must stir up Happy Birthday twins! xx

  8. Well if that was the night before you look fabulous. Hope the twins have a great birthday.

    X x

  9. I think Callum is the image of Brian in this photo! Happy Birthday girls!! xxx

  10. Oh my word Av, that's a lot of baby going on in there. And you're still like a flipping twiglet. Must try this pilates ;)

    Sara at Belfast Beauty Love

  11. Aw Avril that bump pic is so adorable! I love looking at pics of me pregnant, though I didn't feel very lovely at the time!

    I love that grey Zara coat too.

    Nic x

  12. What a perfect round bump - amazing Avril + Claire is right - you look immaculate! Completely agree with you on the Pilates - it's fantastic! Happy Birthday to the twins! xx

  13. The pink leopard scarf is wonderful, I'd love one when they are back in stock.
    You looked fab with the bump, so stylish the night before. I was a bit of a scruff by the end and just wore old race t-shirts and joggers :)

  14. Anonymous21:11

    Wow! You look amazing with your twin bump! So healthy and well, Liz x

  15. Anonymous11:30

    Awwww, look at little Callum, sooo cute! What a lovely neat bump the girls made too! Xx

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