Have I ever told you how much I like grey?

A short post today with lots of grey - it's just such an easy colour to wear and I'm constantly drawn to it when I'm shopping.
This is what I wore to the girls' Nativity Play yesterday - I blubbed throughout. Even when children other than mine were performing. I blame the hormones!

Scarf - School Gate Style Shop
Coat - Zara (old - others below)
Grey Combat Style Skinny Trousers - Uniqlo (sold out)
Grey Boots - Clarks (AW12 - similar below)
Grey Top - Dorothy Perkins (SS12)

Grey Handbag - Siopaella, Dublin
Pendant - Lola & Grace Swarovski
I hope you're having a good weekend. I'm recovering from a book-club Christmas night out last night and I'm heading shortly to the Gospel Choir's big Christmas concert in Belfast. I'm so looking forward to a restful day tomorrow but I will do a quick post to show you what I wore out last night - it's a great little addition to my wardrobe that I can't wait to share...and it's not grey!

Enjoy your Saturday night!



  1. Anonymous14:16

    Love the outfit - Grey is such a great colour !! I and really like the hint of mint in your scarf
    PS I remember blubbing at my childrens nativity - I couldn't really blame it on the hormones :0) but it is so wonderful to see your children developing before your eyes !

  2. I love grey - so much so I think I need therapy. I went shopping for the first time in forever and came away with some black trousers and a dark grey top. I have loads like it already! I did buy a bright pink scarf in the gap sale so maybe that offsets it. I just think you can do anything with grey, but I do really have enough! X

  3. I spent yesterday wearing a pale grey sweatshirt and dark grey joggers so I totally agree! x

  4. Anonymous20:53

    I love grey too Avril. Much easier to wear than black and a great neutral all year round. I love your scarf. This year is the last time I'll watch a nativity with either of my children in. My little boy will be at secondary school next year. Precious memories x

  5. I've often thought grey looks chic and you've just proven that! I'd love to wear it more but it totally washes me out...people tend to tell me I look tired.

  6. Looking good! I like all the different tones of grey together! I was going to say 'shades' but thought better of it! lol! Ax


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