The Pink Coat Again - With a Scarf!

Finally found a scarf to match my pink coat...wait for the 'DUH' moment. It was in my own shop. I knew my skull scarf had a blush colour in it but I didn't realise how close in colour it was to the coat until they were side by side hanging on the chair in my office.

So forgive my lack of originality - I know you saw this coat on the blog only last week but this time, it's a different outfit and the photos are much nicer as we took them at the park!
And we were at the park for two very special reasons. Firstly, we had Haggis the class teddy home this weekend. First time this term - he comes home another weekend soon. One of the 'perks' of having twins! Saturday had been a quiet day so I thought we better show him some playground action. Second reason for a trip to the park was that my gorgeous niece Morwenna came to visit us this weekend so I thought she should see some local scenery and also try out my black down coat for size. It appears to have....erm....shrunk since last winter and no longer fits me. Fits her like a dream so she shall be the cosiest student in Cork!

Pale Pink Coat (only 1 left!) - Warehouse
Black/Blush/Grey Skull Scarf - SGS Shop
Grey Off Duty Merino - c/o Boden
Black Skinny Jeans - Gok at TU (old)
Black Riding Boots - c/o Daniel Footwear
Before I sign off, I wanted to show you these Polly Pocket necklaces that the girls have been loving this weekend. How cute are these beautiful little fairy and cowgirl pendants? The lovely Jo from Polly Pocket offered the girls their choice from the website recently. At £8.50, they are a really lovely gift for the little one in your life and a perfect stocking filler. I was worried they might be too young to look after them properly but they have treated them like precious jewels - tucking them into their jewellery box every evening.
Cowgirl Polly 
Fairy Polly

They are one-offs, made by hand so not all options are available all the time but Jo tells me she's got a lot of new stock arriving on the site this week and you can always email her if there's a particular one you want that's out of stock.

On that happy fairy note, I'll leave you till tomorrow,


  1. Love your coat
    Those necklaces are so cute my daughter used to love Polly Pocket when she was little she would love one of those even now lol xx

  2. Perfect match and those necklaces are adorable! x

  3. The more I see your coat the more I want/need a pink coat in my life, it's gorgeous x

  4. Anonymous21:02

    Your coat and skirt look gorgeous together. Lovely muted tones. Your trip to the park looks perfect too. I remember when Billy Bear used to come out with us. It seems ages ago now our youngest is 10! Liz xxx

  5. Coat + scarf = perfection! And I know a little girl who would love the Polly Pocket necklace.....fabulous stocking filler inspiration! Thank you x

  6. I must admit, it's taken a while but the pink coats are growing on me, especially the pale blush pink which looks fab with your scarf. Your niece looks fab in that coat xx

  7. Adore those necklaces - they are perfect Xmas presents!


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