A Boden Classic - The Rainy Day Mac

I was asked this month to take part in 'The Importance of Being Boden' Chapter 1 - all about one of Boden's most enduring items - The Rainy Day Mac. (click on the link for a chance to win one!)
At both of my Boden parties, this was the out and out best seller. To the extent that I see 3 of my friends regularly wearing theirs. Thankfully all in different colours - so you'd never guess it was the same coat actually. And that's the great thing about the Rainy Day Mac - it's such a classic item, it never goes out of fashion. 
And here's where I get to indulge a colour I love (but my husband doesn't) - green. It's a colour that suits me and that I used to wear lots of but a lack of enthusiasm from Mr SGS has made me reluctant to buy it much. But this colour in the Rainy Day Mac just called to me AND I knew it would work a treat with both of my square scarves from the shop.

Rainy Day Mac - c/o Boden
Navy Emma Top - Boden
Skinny Jeans - Gap
Navy Ankle Boots - M&S (similar)
Neon Square Scarf - SGS Shop
The key to wearing a strong coloured coat like this is to tone down the rest of your outfit so I'm wearing navy and denim underneath in the first few photos. 
I also wore the coat another day last week and that time, I kept it to a simple white top underneath and black ankle boots:
Coat - as above
Jeans - Maison Scotch
Black Ankle Boots - Mango (similar)
Harlequin Square Scarf - SGS Shop
Loving how well it works with both the Harlequin and the Neon Squares Scarves from the shop. I'd not really noticed they had that shade of green in both. 
You can check out some of the other bloggers involved on the Boden Facebook page -simply gorgeous photos and it's great to see the other colours in the coat being modelled too. Oh and don't forget to enter the competition to win one in your choice of colour click on this link!


  1. I love this! Such a beautiful colour! I love the stripey one too- fun and sensible! x

  2. The green is lovely - But I adore the navy circles one! x

  3. This is first time I seen your blog. I'm hooked. I've been struggling with style and had almost given up which hasn't done much for self confidence. I live aboard in Switzerland (I'm australian) with 2 little girls. Your blog has given me great simple ideas and hope I can look and feel better again. Now I need to find this boden site and hope they ship to Switzerland I love the jacket!

  4. You look great in your mac - I love the colour xo

  5. Your scarf goes so well with the mac - swoon x

  6. You are so right green looks fabulous on you as does the Mac with the scarf, a great look with the navy..Love it! x

  7. The green is gorgeous with your hair! Love it!

  8. That is the perfect coat for me - it's my favourite colour ever!
    It looks super with the scarf.

    PS loving the lawn!

  9. Anonymous16:22

    Love the colour, great choice! Xx

  10. Great colour on you Avril and the scarf adds a lovely finishing touch:)
    ~Anne xx

  11. I have to say that I thnk Mr SGS is wrong on this one - you look fab in green! Gorgeous mac. Lynne x

  12. You look fantastic in the green Avril....I adore green!! I can't believe your hubby doesn't like it on you!! The scarf is so perfect with it too! xx

  13. I'm not normally a big fan of green, it's my mums favourite colour so I lived in green decorated houses for years but I have to say it certainly brightens up a rainy day and I really do like it! x

  14. Have you worn it in the rain though? I had the rainy day mac a couple of years ago and after ten minutes of light rain my shoulders were soaked. I loved the coat, but eventually had to admit defeat and buy a real rain coat!

  15. I know they've upped their game recently, but I can't help but still fear Boden.

  16. Oh, you DO suit green Avril. I love green too, in all shades. It looks great with your scarves and yes, it's such a classic shape. Gorgeous! Love Liz xxx

  17. That is a very cute coat. My neighbour has a green Boden mac and I've always admired it on her. I actually tried to enter the competition but *stamps foot in annoyance* it's not open to those of us in the Rep of Ireland. Gah!

  18. I don't think I have seen you in this colour before but it really suits you, and your scarves look fab with it. X

  19. The scarf/coat colour combination is fabulous!

  20. Gorgeous scarf! Gorgeous Mac! I love the bright colours for spring! Fed up of all the doom & gloom! Ax


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