A few outfits from this week...

Some weeks I just have to accept that mirror photos in my messy office or slightly less messy kitchen are all that I can get either because of the rubbish weather or because there's no-one around (or willing) to take a proper photo. But that's ok - keeping it real and all that..
On Tuesday, I went all casual for a meeting with a local this space for details of a very exciting event happening later in the year!
I know - more trainers! They were bought for my son actually but are a big size 6 so I cheekily decided to try them out myself. I wasn't so keen on them though when I looked back over these photos so they're back in the hot press (Irish for airing cupboard) along with all the other bargain clothes and shoes I regularly stock up on for 3 kids that seem to grow inches overnight!
Poncho - Vero Moda (other colours here & here)
Jeans - Gok for TU (old)
Burgundy V-Neck - Kaliko (old)
White Shirt - Betty Barclay
Wednesday, I wore my patched jeans with a crew neck, denim shirt, Boden bag, Boden ankle boots and the same scarf I had on in yesterday's blog. Oh and a photo-bombing child who was waiting to be brought to drama class..
Patch Jeans - ASOS 
(sold out but similar here, here & here)
Tan Suede Ankle Boots - Boden (old)
Denim Shirt - TU @ Sainsburys (similar here)
Black Cashmere Mix Crew Neck - Woolovers
Scarf - SGS Shop future stock
Thursday was a breton and parka kind of day and the office was particularly messy as I'd just had a scarf delivery..

Parka - Warehouse (only size 8 left) 
(some other nice optionhere & here)
Skinny Jeans - Gap 
(20% off this weekend with the code RENEWGAP)
Bright Blue Breton - Boden
Neon Square Scarf - SGS Shop
Navy Ankle Boots - M&S
It was a gorgeous sunny day so after school we headed to the park and then to a friend's house (kids in the garden while the mammies gossiped)...the first time in ages that the kids had 2 full hours outside. Rosy cheeked, mucked up but happy.
And today? Well I made more of an effort with the photos today so I'll share them over the weekend. Enjoy your Saturday,


  1. But Avril - I love you in the first photo with the burgundy trainers. You look so young and cool!

    And I hear you about the photos - it's just me and my mirror 95% of the time.

    1. Your look so much more professional...I think I need a better spot to take them from. A tidier place! x

  2. That's messy? You should see my house!

    1. Oh I'm a tidy freak...I can't even look at those photos now - it's a bit tidier now in the office! Ax

  3. Well your selfies are much better than the rest that I see around! You did a great job!!! I love the first outfit the most, beautiful colors!

  4. Some fabulous outfits Avril! I love that bright multicoloured scarf


  5. Beautiful Poncho and your scarf...think I may head over to the shop, this is a perfect spring wardrobe addition. Can't wait to hear about the event:)

  6. I'm with the Sue, adore you in that first really do look super cool!The colours of the poncho are fab and the trainers just perfect with this look! Love the rest of the weeks outfits too!!

  7. Anonymous15:15

    Love the colour/texture on the poncho, and how cool is theat pattern on the third scarf !

  8. LOVE the justification for the sneakers - Poppy will be a size US 8 one day won't she? She won't mind if I wear them in the meantime?:)

  9. Agree with Sue and Michelle, I also think those trainers and that first outfit look fab x

  10. Gorgeous outfits Avril & I love you in your patch jeans. Jane xx

  11. How cool is it that you can share shoes with Callum, bet you can't wait to the girls get up a bit too! I think they are great on you, and I'm still loving that poncho I had totally forgot about getting one! And you've just reminded me about the patch jeans, although I'm sure mine won't fit anymore.

  12. I am ashamed by how tidy your house is. I often can't find anywhere to take photos because there are baby toys, clothes and just stuff everywhere! Also, very tempted by the blue breton from Boden. The colour looks great on you!

  13. I've been so pants with outfit photos recently! Must try harder after seeing this! Ax


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