New Coat at the Causeway

The trip up North at the weekend gave me a chance to try out my new coat. I spotted this one on the Brand Alley site during January - they had a 1 day Joules sale and at £50 and with vouchers burning a hole in my (virtual) pocket, it was too good a deal to turn down.
You can have a look on eBay where there's a decent resale of these coats some new with tags. In fact, that's what nailed it for me as there were secondhand ones on eBay selling for more than Brand Alley was charging so I knew I could sell it on if it turned out I wasn't wearing it much.
But since it arrived in mid-January, I have worn it more than I thought and it proved really useful at the weekend on the coast as it was warm enough to wear on a walk to the Causeway but it was also smart enough to wear over my black dress to our choir concert on the Saturday night (the main reason for the trip)

Coat - Joules @ Brand Alley
Jeans - Gap
Long Black Riding Boots - Carl Scarpa
Tan Leather & Suede Cross Body Bag - Boden 

(oos but keep an eye on the link for returns)
Scarf - Soon to be in the SGS Shop!
Beanie Hat - New Look (old)
I had 3 layers on underneath - long sleeved top, denim shirt, Boden Merino Roll-Neck, so it looks a little bit snug on me but it was still easy to zip up and I was toasty warm...I won't need so many layers on a normal school run. 
Sunday was a gorgeous day to look out at but it was bitterly cold and windy so the Causeway was particularly impressive with waves coming scarily close to where we were standing.

Only last July, we were much further forward on the rocks - basking in the sun. Hard to believe. This next photo was only taken a few metres further back from the one above!

Just one last thing to share. I mentioned the choir above - I mention them a lot! But we're heading to America in May on the invitation of the Belfast Lord Mayor, to sing at a business conference (and while we're there, we plan to sing at a ton of other concert & events). Unfortunately, we have to fund the trip ourselves! Along with payments from each choir members, sponsorship and lots of fundraising concerts in the coming months, each choir member is undertaking some effort to allow us to gather enough money together so the trip can happen.
So for this week, until close of business on Sunday, all profits from scarf or necklace purchases in my shop will be given to the USA fund. I know it's Frugal February...but this is exempt! If you've already purchased since Monday, it's included and thank you to friends and choir members who have bought from me already - and those who have made cash donations too. So very grateful.
Have a great Thursday my friends,


  1. Oooh that coat is gorgeous - I love it!
    I can't believe the difference in the photographs.

    Best of luck with raising the final funds - I was more than happy to donate what I could to help you fulfill a once in a lifetime dream.


  2. The Coat looks gorgeous, love a good quilted jacket!

    Good luck with raising the final funds!

    Greetings from London,

  3. I have the Joules quilted jacket and love it, I wouldn't mind a full length version for sure. I don't really buy scarves, as you know I am addicted to my LV and can rarely be parted from it, but I would happily give you a small donation, it would be wonderful to see you all get to the states xx

  4. Love it. I need a sensible, stylish coat x

  5. Best of luck with raising funds for the choir and I hope there are lots of scarf purchases made!

    That coat does look cosy! And you look like you really needed it that day - I'm looking at the choppy waves.

  6. The perfect coat to keep you warm Avril & it looks fab with your new scarf. Lots of luck with the fundraising it sounds as if it's going to be an amazing trip. Jane xx

  7. Such a cute coat!

  8. Aha! I knew I'd spotted a new coat in your last post. Looks lovely. Good luck with the fundraising ... America! You lucky thing!

  9. I really like this coat on you, I'm sure you'll get lots of wear, and the boden bag is fab. Going to browse through your scarf shop now x

  10. Very envious of the coat Avril....looking super stylish, the scarf is perfect with it too! Good luck with the fund raising.....sounds like a fab trip......keeping everything crossed that you raise what you need to, to cover the cost xx

  11. When I saw that title I was about to tell you off Avril lol! What a great buy from them, good length too. I love them for bargains like this just get frustrated at waiting for them to ship the goods out. x

  12. I love quilted coats and that one is gorgeous.

  13. I love this coat Avril - love the way it nips in at the waist, great length and keeps you warm too - perfect. I'm going to need a longer one for next winter! Good luck with the fundraising! xx

  14. Great buy Avril, you are slowly becoming the queen of coats as well as scarves! And doing your bit to promote our gorgeous attractions gets the thumbs up too!

  15. Perfect coat - I need a bottom coverer! Looks like it would bring you in to the spring easily:) We visit the Giant's Causeway on every holiday - love it!

  16. I hope your fundraising goes well & what a fantastic experience that will be?! Seeing you in the sunshine gives me hope that its not too far off it! Ax


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