Jumpsuit Update & An Anniversary...

The hunt for a black jumpsuit is over! Despite lots of searching, the only one I was actually able to pick up in person was the Matalan one - in a size 10 and you should generally size up when buying jumpsuits so I was really impressed by it but needed the 12.  I shared some pictures on my Facebook page and thanks to a local reader of the blog and the very helpful Gemma Louise (That Belfast Girl), I managed to get the last size 12 in Belfast the next day and it fits perfectly! Wore it to the wedding last night so lots of photos to come...

I'm sure if I'd been able to get into Belfast city centre, I could have seen some of the others I'd featured on the last post but I was limited to out of town shopping so could only get to Outfit (limited range of DP's, Wallis, TopShop & Miss Selfridge) and Matalan.

But I also need to update you on the three ASOS ones I ordered. Thank goodness for free delivery, free returns is all I can say!

First up, a bit of a curve-ball - a wide leg one from Love. It didn't do too badly on the crease test and is a good length on me but it came up very small and short in the body - and the design made it virtually impossible to put on & take off...I was seriously worried I'd have to cut it off me but with some help from hubby, I managed to ease it off. It's made from a mid-weight polyester type of material with no stretch in it - so all in all, not a contender on lots of fronts.
Wide Leg Jumpsuit - Love @ ASOS
The next one was jersey - but it was very creased coming out of the packaging so that wasn't great. But it was easy to put on and take off and came with a belt. I would say this could have been a contender if I'd not been able to get the Matalan one BUT I would say that the material is lighter, more see through and less forgiving than Matalan's.
Belted Jumpsuit - Love @ ASOS
Last up, was the one that I liked the most online and in real life - the ASOS Racer one. It's a completely different proposition, made from a heavier material - rather like suit material - with no stretch. Sadly, it was too long for me and a bit shapeless at the waist. But I don't think it was so big that a size smaller would have fitted. Also, the racer style cut at the shoulders and the completely open back (didn't notice that when ordering) makes it really impractical. LOVED the shape on - it's a great cut for anyone with a smaller bust but only if you're happy to work a complicated stick on style bra or not wear one at all.
Jumpsuit with Chic Racer Detail - ASOS
So there we go - jumpsuit search over .... though at time of writing, the guys at Wallis have offered to send me one of theirs to review so I'll report back on it when it arrives.

Meanwhile, I hope you're enjoying the sunshine wherever you are - here's what I'm wearing today.
Maxi Dress - c/o Hot Squash
Coral Vest - Benetton
Black Flat Sandals - LK Bennett Outlet

It's our wedding anniversary but we're not heading out as my back gave up the goat last night when I was carrying a heavy bag up the stairs after the wedding - it had been niggling all day after I'd pulled something in it earlier in the week so in retrospect, wearing heels at the wedding and lots of walking in those heels may have had a part to play.
A day of painkillers and rest is on the cards...but I've been given anniversary flowers and cake to help with the recovery :)

Happy Friday!



  1. Hi my dear! Wishing you a speedy recovery and Happy Anniversary too! You really did your homework on the jumpsuits, the Matalan one sounds just the ticket! Hope you have a great weekend xx

  2. Despite not getting into town, you still managed to do a fair bit of research on the topic and at least you now know that you got the best one ... and at a bargain price too! Happy Anniversary. Sorry to hear you're not feeling too well, but hopefully you'll be well recovered to enjoy the sunshine that we've been promised this weekend x

  3. Siobhan Coleman17:50

    Happy Anniversary Avril and Brian! Sorry to hear about your back, hope you recover soon. Matalan jumpsuit definitely the best, love how you styled it for the wedding. Talk soon. Sx

  4. On the plus side, it will be nice to be waited on by your brood but hope you feel better soon. Random fits aren't they some jumpsuits x

  5. Happy anniversary Avril x
    Like the second jumpsuit, looked lovely on your figure xx

  6. The jersey one might have been OK, the creases dropped out of the v.expensive dress I bought for the wedding but the state of it when I unwrapped it was unreal! x

  7. fashmr paul23:15

    Happy anniversary to you both.
    Oh no, re the back - Hope you get better soon. Its horrible with any sort of back pain - it totally debilitates you.
    cake is always a good pain reliever though

  8. Abbi20:09

    Love the ASOS sleeveless one, very chic! Hope your back is feeling a bit better
    Abbi x

  9. You so can carry off the jumpsuit shape Avril! It's taken me a while to warm to them but now I really do. Hope your back gets better quickly for you x

  10. You definately picked the best of the bunch with the Matalan one Avril, it looks gorgeous on you, it really is by far the best of the bunch! Love your maxi look here too! Happy anniversary and I hope you are felling a lot better now xx

  11. Stunning - I love you in a jumpsuit and it is made me want one now. I bet the Wallis one is perfect. They know how to cut their clothes for WOMEN.

  12. Cous Cous and Cork Wedges18:18

    Happy Belated Anniversary to you both! I hope you are feeling better now?! The 2nd jumpsuit is gorgeous but probably would of sagged at the knees so I'm glad you managed to get the one you wanted! xx


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