Holiday Outfit Round Up

I know, I's been over a month since I went on my holidays but being honest, I wasn't sure if I even wanted to do this post. The holidays weren't that enjoyable as I was in pain right from the day of departure to the day we returned, by which time, it had worsened considerably to the point that I couldn't walk...but more on that cheery topic further down this post. :)
But a month on, I'm feeling better and I can now look back on the pain free parts when I was able to get dressed and get out and about. And looking back at the photos, I'm impressed at how many days I did make the effort.
Starting with my travelling outfit. I only ever bring one pair of jeans in my capsule wardrobe and I always wear them on the journey to save on space. I also wore the heavier of my two jackets on the journey, both to save space and also to counteract the cold on the plane. A scarf was essential for the plane too...and it brought the whole outfit together too.
Jacket - Primark (eBay)
Jeans - M&S Autograph (past season - similar here)
Scarf - Shruti - a gift
Mint Green Foil Top - Primark (past season - last worn here)
Trainers - Onitsuka Tigers (similar here)
Navy Cross Body Bag - Boden (past season - similar here)

I wore this next outfit for an explore around Chichester, the closest city to where we holidayed.
Boho Top - Urban Outfitters USA (available herehere in another colour way)
Jeans - as before
Black Slip On Trainers - River Island
Black Cross Body - Boden (past season - similar here)

During the two weeks we were away, I wore my Kaleidoscope #bloggersabroad shorts lots - here's one of the outfits..for a day trip to Bosham - a beautiful village in Sussex
Breton Top - Jack Wills
Shorts - Joe Browns from Kaleidoscope
Trainers & Cross Body - as before

Next up a trip to a beautiful National Trust property called Uppark - near Guilford. A really lovely day out and the kids had so much fun doing a trail around the garden.
Kimono - New Look (out of stock online - similar)
Pink Vest Top - Benetton (past season)
Pendant - Pluck & Devour
Jeans/Trainers/Cross Body - as before

A dress next for one of the hotter days - this is a jersey number I picked up in the US and it was so easy to wear and matched my lovely Shruti scarf!
Dress - Uniqlo
Sandals - Next (sold out)
Scarf/Bag - as before

The kimono was a real hero piece and I wore it with this maxi skirt for a lovely trip to Littlehampton
Maxi Skirt - Matalan
Black Vest - Zara
Kimono/Sandals/Bag - as before

On our last day on the south coast, we went to Portsmouth - and I bought some granny sandals!
Top - Next
Granny Sandals - Clarks Outlet
Bag/Jeans - as before

Back in Berkshire now and a new top from Wallis that I wanted to wear immediately.
Top - Wallis (this colour way out of stock - available in a different colour here)
Jacket/Jeans/Trainers - as before

My maxi skirts were great for the hotter days - wearing the black one in this picture
Maxi Skirt - Hot Squash
White Vest - Zara
Scarf - Benetton (past season)
Trainers - as before

I was so glad to get wearing this dress that I picked up in the Tesco sale for £8 the week before we went away. Loved the All-Saints vibe it had going on and I knew I could dress it up or down
I wore it to church with the more formal cream jacket and then to a BBQ at my cousin's house with the more casual denim jacket
Dress - Clothing at Tesco
Denim Jacket - Vero Moda (bought on eBay from Surfdome)
Sandal/Cream Jacket/Bag - as before

And my last photo? The trip home - wearing what I wore on the trip over but with an added accessory, courtesy of Gatwick Airport's Assistance Team....who were amazing. Big shout out to them...they looked after me so well.
A world apart from Belfast City Airport, where there was no assistance as I'd not pre-booked it and we were unable to use one of the many wheelchairs without a member of the assistance staff to push it. In the end, we took a joyride in one...better to say sorry than please in some situations! Luckily no-one noticed and my son returned it intact.
So an eventful holiday - memorable in lots of ways. The important thing I think is that I didn't let it get in the way of working that capsule! It's all about priorities...
Have a good weekend!



  1. No one would guess you were in so much pain from the pics Avril. Your capsule wardrobe worked a treat and I love the cream/white jacket so much. That's the second Primark surprise I've had today actually x

  2. Hi Avril, what a great combination of looks you put together, you looked amazing in the Tesco dress. It's good you can now look back on your trip with fondness, and I hope you continue to feel well. Being nosey where were you in Berkshire? As I live very close to some of the places you visited. Take care
    Sue x

  3. Love your boho top and the two colourful ones. Also shocked the dress is Tesco, me likey, a lot! Hope you are on the mend now Avril. Fab outfits x

  4. You put some great outfits together Avril considering the pain you must have been in! Hope it is getting better for you now:) Enjoy the weekend ahead!
    ~Anne xx

  5. My fave outfit is definitely the first one, especially the Primark jacket. how do you find such lovely stuff on eBay? I need to look harder me thinks! X

  6. Oh bless you having to joyride Avril! You did amazingly well to get out & about so much. I love that Tesco dress - great find!
    Nic x

  7. You are such a trouper Avril, hope you're continuing to feel brighter every day and more pain free. Can't believe that dress was from Tesco, wasn't expecting that, looks a lot more expensive. My favourite is that Uniqlo dress though. Right up my street, looks so comfy and effortlessly chic x

  8. Hi Avril!
    Gosh you look amazing in all of them, can't pick but i am very fond of that top with the splashes of slightly day glo. Love how you spice everything with a touch of silver in the sandals or the funky necklace, makes it sassy as they say here in California.
    im so sorry about your vacays, just did a post today about how the most memorable vacays have a bit of yin and yang but yours is too much yin - hope you're feeling a bit better. as you say yoga is always the answer, but sadly i have slipped out of the practise and need to get back into the downward dogging (thing about doing it at home is i always notice the dirty floors).
    Anyway i also love that cream jacket on you, it looks so soft and warm, These days I'm really rigorous about what i buy, has to be as soft as y's pijamas otherwise it doesn't get worn.

  9. Ps loved having you on my blog on Friday!

  10. Lucy22:44

    You look so young Avril...hard to beat a vest top and skiffle of tan. You will enjoy that my fitflops are going back....just something not quite comfy. Off to wilds of Donegal for our hols on Sunday so will pinch some capsule ideas though thought of packing for children not too capsulesque! x

  11. Sharon11:59

    Loved seeing these and glad you're feeling better. We also had a trip to Uppark - my niece is house steward there and lives in a huge flat that covers half of the top floor. Spent a night with her on our way to the Isle of Wight. We enjoyed a lovely private evening tour of the gardens with her!

  12. Oh Sharon, that sounds so lovely! What a great place to live. It was absolutely stunning...the gardens were amongst the best I've seen in NT properties. So peaceful and beautifully maintained x

  13. Wow, you certainly don't look like a lady who is in pain. You poor thing, I feel so sorry for you. But the good news is (priorities again!!) that you still managed to look fab despite suffering. Absolutely love that Tesco dress on you - a real winner x

  14. Thank you Lucy - anyone who tells me I look so young is a bestie for life! Sorry to hear the Fitflops didn't work for you - they are wider fitting I know and it did take me 3 days of solid wear to break in properly. Can't be without them now...all my shoes gathering dust in the wardrobe!! x
    PS Have a great time in Donegal x

  15. Thank you for the mention Jody - loved the post! Ax

  16. What an amazing holiday wardrobe! You packed so well & looked lovely everyday! The Tesco dress is gorgeous & really suits you! I can't believe you took a joyride in a wheel chair but needs must & so sorry it came to that! I hope you managed a giggle through the pain! Ax


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