Autumn Colours & Annual Shows

Dug out some autumn colours this afternoon. I'd spent the morning in my coral Boden top but by 4pm I was freezing and it seemed like the perfect occasion to give my Great Plains coatigan a turn.
When this arrived with me back in July, it was 25 degrees and I was unable to move in my bed. I thought I'd ordered a beige colour but it turns out, I hadn't. But I liked this darker colour in any case....and wasn't in any fit state to be returning it anyway!
Buckled Long Cardigan/Coatigan - Great Plains (out of stock - similar colour here/new season here)
Cream Top - Uniqlo (new season here)
Jeans - New Look (new season here)
Pumps - M&S (new season here)
Handbag - Orla Kiely (past season)
Scarf - Old

So I played about with it a bit today and decided in the end that it worked better on me left open. The buckle detail is nice but it all just feels a bit 'solid' in the front and not that flattering. I also liked how it looked with the scarf, an autumn favourite of mine.

Today was a really busy day as it was our local Annual Show in the church hall. Each year, the kids love to get involved so we were in the kitchen at 8am, making top hats & tray bakes and finalising Lego & art creations.
I had already made a fruit loaf and some biscuits but at the last minute, I decided to make a quick sponge for the 'Open Bake' section of the competition. Well, turned out it was the best one I've ever rose evenly, equal sized and with the perfect bake. I filled it with fresh whipped cream and jam and sent it down to be judged and guess what happened? I won the Farris Cup for the best entry across the whole Baking & Preserves section. Couldn't believe it! My fruit loaf got 2nd and my biscuits got Highly Commended.

On top of that, the kids won in the Art, Baking and Lego Creation sections...AND we won a raffle prize! Such excitement.

Hope you're having a good weekend too - there's a gorgeous school run coat coming in the next post....will be back tomorrow evening. Oh and the ankle boot post is in development...I'll hopefully have it ready for publishing on Monday.



  1. Well done on your prize haul! The cake looks yummy :) the coatigan looks so cozy, and it's really flattering. I often shy away from them as I think they can tend to look a bit bulky, but this one is perfect x

  2. You and your family sound like you're all on a winning streak there - you go girl. And that sponge does look fabulous - I'm always in awe of people who can knock up a cake just like that - I think it's a true skill.

    And glad to see you've got a coatigan. I've just got one too!

  3. Well, I think today might be a good day for you guys to buy a Lottery ticket!!!
    Well done on all the wins. That cake looks delicious. And I do love a nice coatigan - great colour on you x

  4. Oh that cake looks so good! So does the coatigan, now that was a good buy in July! x

  5. sue wilton23:09

    Well done with your baking, saw you in the distance but you were too far away to chat, hope all good ;-)

  6. Well done on the baking! Fab! Love that cardigan. I'm slowly starting to come round to the idea that it's getting cooler and I need to wear autumn wear! Lynne x

  7. Well done to you all! That cake is (was) a beauty Avril! Victoria Sponge is my all time fav & weakness!! Fresh cream?! Bring it on! Ax


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