Black & Cream

A quick update this evening....I had hoped to blog earlier this evening but then time got away from me. Ever looked at the clock one minute and it's 8.30pm and the next thing you know, it's 11pm? Well - that just happened.

I shared this blouse with you on my post from last week where I had been in H&M and done a bit of a try on. I'm really pleased with it and love how it makes my biker jacket look more feminine. I'm also loving this in-between weather where you can wear a light blouse/jacket/ankle boot combo again. In my comfort zone for sure.
Biker Jacket - YAS (past season)
Cream/Black Blouse - H&M
Jeans - Gap Premium Skinny - Gap Outlet
Black Ankle Boots - Clarks (AW12)

This is the first I've worn a heel in months - I had a few elastic ankle moments but mostly was able to keep upright. My back has actually been amazing this past week with virtually no pain as long as I stay upright. Drop a £20 on the floor and I'll have to let you have it but that's ok - I have children with healthy backs who are willing to pick everything up for me...well mostly everything other than shoes & laundry.
I have to give my friend Kate credit for her help in this regard. Even though my back pain had eased, I was left for the past few weeks with residual sciatic pain down my leg that wouldn't go away. Kate is an advanced reflexologist and told me about a particular reflexology movement that works on pressure points in the heels and helps ease sciatic pain. Well, for a few seconds it hurt like hell and almost made me cry but it was only for a moment of a blissful 1 hour treatment that completely relaxed me. Reflexology really is amazing. Next day, the sciatic pain was gone and a week later, it's still gone! If you're local, check out Kate's Facebook page here. She's doing adult treatments for £20 & kids are just £10 during September - it's a great stress reliever for the whole family as the AQE/GL looms!



  1. I am so much more comfortable in this weather than the summer. No false tan on legs, hair to keep the warm and boots!

  2. Great outfit and great news about your back. Lynne x

  3. I definitely prefer the cooler weather, although it's still very warm and sunny in the afternoons, which makes things tricky as the mornings are so cool. But I'm still very happy that we're back into boot and jacket weather again! Great look by the way!

  4. Love the look Avril, the blouse looks really versatile, looks great with your edgy leather jacket and boots. So glad to hear your back is better it is so debilitating but glad that it is on the mend with a bit of help! Xxx

  5. I'm loving the ankle boots! They look great with your leather jacket x


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