Faux Fur & Leather Layers

Today's outfit was all about the layers. I've been wearing my Next gilet so much over the past couple of weeks but today it was colder so I decided to layer it over my H&M quilted faux leather jacket and I love the effect it gives. Looks like a fur coat with leather sleeves....much more flattering than a coat with fur arms which all seem to make me look huge. Though I have seen a fab grey fur coat in Oasis....

Back to the outfit and it was a combination of greys and blacks with denim.
Gilet - Next AW14
Jeans - Gap Perfectly Skinny ex Outlet (similar)
Faux Leather Quilted Jacket - H&M (similar)
Grey Square Cut Jumper - H&M
Black Suede Ankle Boots - Ash Jalouse
Cross Body Bag - Boden
Scarf - TK Maxx (ancient)

I've been asked a few times about the sizing of the Next gilet and I can confirm that it comes up a bit big. Mine is a size 8 and has plenty of room for a jumper and coat underneath as I've worn it here.
Oh and I do believe this is the debut of my other Ash in love with the navy ones, I used the last of my eBay money to buy a black pair too. There's 25% off in MyWardrobe until midnight Sunday using WIT25 (courtesy of Laura over at Wearing It Today!)
'is that a mark on my new boots...?!!'
Perfect for a Saturday spent prepping for a few days away - I'm taking the girls to see my family in Tipperary while hubby stays at home. It's the first visit in 6 months (because of my back) so we're excited to see everyone again.

While I'm away, the shop will be open but items won't go out until Thursday. To make up for the short delay, postage is free on all UK orders in the shop until midnight on Tuesday. For european and international deliveries, postage is discounted to £2 and £3 respectively.

I've prepped a couple of posts for while I'm away...all around challenging myself to wear more dresses. First one is on the blog tomorrow morning. Hope you enjoy :)




  1. I love the mix up of textures between the leather and the gilet. I must remember to dig my leather jacket out and totally copy you!

    Have a good holiday!

  2. I am going to stealing this look from you too Avril! The Next fur gilet is gorgeous, such a fab colour, it looks brilliant over the faux leather jacket!! I am off to check over those Ash Jalouse on My Wardrobe ;0) Hope you have a smashing few days with your family xx

  3. Really like this look, and as you say it doesnt make you too' gorilla' like, and also so much easier to drive etc! The colour of the gilet is gorgeous, at last the weather is a bit more like it should be without roasting in all our winter goodies! Have a great half term! Helen xx

  4. This is why I look forward to Autumn, I love a gilet over a biker jacket! Mine are both black, but I do like your grey/black combo. V jealous of your Ash boots x

  5. Love the layering of the gilet - this is a look I'll definitely be stealing, Avril! The boots look fabulous! Enjoy your weekemd. Lynne xx

  6. Been lusting after that gilet for a while now. Went to Next to try it on for sizing but they only had large sizes. Think I might order an 8 though! X

  7. I miss wearing dresses as so few/none of mine are appropriate for breastfeeding. I'll live vicariously through your challenge!

    E has a furry boden gilet with a hood that she's worn the last three winters in a row. I don't have one. My 3 year old is trendier than I am...

  8. Perfect layering Avril & I'm so jel of your 2nd pair!! Well deserved though after all your back trouble & a great investment too! Ax

  9. Great layering, love your gilet :) have a lovely weekend away :)

  10. Samara00:13

    I ❤️ this combo!!!! But I just don't suit fur gilet...have I maybe not found the right one or is it a trend that just doesn't suit everybody? Would love your advice, Avril xx

  11. Love this look! The jacket and gilet work really well together. Lovely boots, too. xxx
    Just Emma

  12. Ruth14:11

    Love this look! following this blog post I went and bought the gilet and wore it ALL weekend at Centre Parcs. Also stole the layering over the faux leather jacket too and really liked the look.
    Thanks Avril x


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