Friday, 7 November 2014

Kingsmill Thins launch - in a Leopard Coat!

I'm so slow getting this post up - apologies - but do you remember when I asked you all to do a survey about making packed lunches? And I told you it was because I was helping to launch a new Kingsmill product? Well, that launch went ahead the other week and I had to come into Belfast to be part of the photoshoot. Sounds very showbiz but to me - it was simply the perfect justification to buy a new coat :) that's how I roll.

What to tell you about first....the coat or the bread?!.....The coat it is -

I spotted it while walking through Menarys in Lisburn the day before the Kingsmill launch. It's from Esprit and is a boiled wool style. There's no lining so it almost falls into the coatigan territory.....but I'd say it's closer to a coat.  Menary's don't have an online store but you can get it here on the Esprit website. It was a bit of a treat (especially given the imminent house move) but I had been admiring Michelle's M&S coat on her blog the same week and after a quick peek at how she's been wearing hers, the deal was sealed. In a further example of twisted retail logic I figured I might as well buy as much as I can before the bills start coming in for the new house!

Kingsmill livens up lunch for busy Belfast shoppers!

I kept the rest of my outfit very simple as I think the coat made enough of a statement. Jeans are from Call Me Pretty Boutique, black leather ankle boots from Clarks (a few years old now) & denim shirt from Boden (SS13).
And check out fellow blogger, Karen from Raising Mighty Girls - how amazing is that Jigsaw coat from the current range?

Kingsmill livens up lunch for busy Belfast shoppers!

So the product we were launching was Kingsmill Thins and they fall somewhere between a sliced loaf and a pitta bread - the kids have been enjoying having them for lunch a couple of times a week.  As part of the launch, we had to come up with a different way to use them...apart from the obvious ham/chicken sandwich option. Almost immediately, my son suggested his weekend favourite - French Toast. An inspired choice as it's so easy to make! Beat an egg, add a splash of milk, dip the bread, fry in a little butter & serve with syrup or a sprinkle of icing sugar.
Thanks to Kingsmill for giving Karen and I this opportunity and you'll find Kingsmill Thins in the shops now in both white and 50/50...a nice change from the usual sliced loaf :)



  1. Gosh Avril, if I hadn't bought my M&S one I would be hunting yours is amazing! It looks fantastic on you! Thank you for the lovely mention! Seeing that gorgeous french toast is making hungry, did you get to sample it? xx

  2. Fabulous coat! It's freezing here just now, but the upside is that I finally managed to get some wear out of my faux leopard coat this week too. Every cloud, and all that!

    Becky x

  3. Love that coat in you Avril, it is a subtle leopard and I adore it...Very classy for your launch! The French toast looks delicious, your son's a genius! Xxx

  4. Oh I love that idea you have for the thins as when I've done french toast before the girls find it a little thick. Thanks Avril! x

  5. Mmmmmm I'll be trying that one, I've just sent the recipe to the daughter as well. Even students can manage this!! Love your glasses Avril, they really suit you x

  6. We made French toast this morning for our AQE Breakfast! With bacon too - went down a treat. Let's hope it inspired some brain cells!

  7. Interesting concept ie the thins .. I reckon my two would love these!

  8. Ooo will have to try those thins as French toast, I'm in the thick of weaning C now and she'd love that! Coat looks gorgeous well worth the splurge!!


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