Next Sequin Top & Zara Try On

Ok I promised a mention for this top ages ago and then forgot. Sorry! The trouble is that it doesn't photograph very well - nothing dark grey/black ever does unless you're outside during the day...and I'm finding sequins are not great on a building site. But it's the perfect going-out top for me. Not too blingy and can be dressed up or down. So easy to wear and very flattering.
Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 22.59.02
Next Grey Sequin Layer Top - £30

I'm pretty sure it comes in a few other colours but I'm struggling to find them online right now. The sequins are at the front only and are not super sparkly ones - more of a dull finish. Lovely dark grey so it looks great with black skinnies but also will look amazing with the grey jeans I *will* find before my next night out. I ordered it on the next day delivery service and am pleased to report that it worked a treat again.

So I will try to share it in an outfit soon. I'm not due to have a night out until next Friday's school mums' night out - naively agreed to and all paid up for in October when I was sure we weren't moving this side of Christmas. It will be a dry night with the car parked outside unfortunately. But that should mean I won't forget to take a picture :)

And now for the Zara try-on. I mentioned on my last post that I bought a few bits in Zara last weekend. I had great hopes but didn't get on great with them sadly. First up - this black top was supposed to be the perfect going out/daytime top and while I love the shape and style, I just wasn't loving it enough overall as a top. A good gauge when you buy stuff is to see how much you want to wear it there and then. I didn't. Back in the bag:


Next, I was looking some red for the festive season and the detail on these basic jumpers from Zara is lovely. But they're tiny and there were only Mediums left. I'd have needed an XL I reckon!

Lastly, the shape & colour of this top was an instant hit. I bought it in the size M. It looked great in-store and then the creases happened on the way home. 20 minutes in a bag at the most. No way Zara...lovely top and a great fit but I'm not dealing with those creases every time I wear it!


Now to work out when in the next hectic week I'm going to get a chance to get back to Zara to return the lot.

Hoping to be back on Tuesday or Wednesday next week to report on my nocturnal lenses. For those of you not on social media, I'm having Ortho-K lenses fitted on Monday, all being well. You can read all about them on this link and the plan is that they will remove the need for glasses or lenses during the day. So excited about it! Here I am with my optician, Gillian Gervias on Tuesday, being measured up for them.


In the meantime, keep in touch on Instagram if you want to see how the move and everything else is all going and you never know, you may get an occasional glimpse of something other than trainers and leggings!




  1. Zara is often a lottery, isn't it? Stuff that looks great on the website often looks terrible on me, and it's the stuff that I scroll past that I end up buying when I'm in there!

    I'm really intrigued by the eye thing, will be watching with interest...

    Becky x

  2. I was looking at that Next sequinned top in the navy, agree it looks so easy to wear and the grey is lovely too. LOL at your comment re sequins on a building site!

    Nic x

  3. The Next top is such a winner.....a great little staple for this time of year!! Such a shame about the Zara haul.....I was expecting to be truly envious of all your purchases but I am sure you will find some suitable replacements ;0) xx

  4. Such a shame about Zara ... I find their stuff is really disimproving all the time. Loving the Next top however; looking forward to seeing you wear it. It's great to find something that combines glamour with comfort x

  5. Love the sequin top, I bet it would look great on :)

  6. The sequin top is fab Avril, could love it in both colours! Zara usually works, but sometimes it's all over the shop (so to speak!) Helen xx

  7. That sequin top looks fab, looks like a great dress it up, dress it down top...perfect! Zara's sizing is definitely all over the place I always try in the store (queues permitting) as I have no idea what size I am in there! Xx

  8. Maybe you could start a sequins/building site trend? It is a really lovely top, perfect for this time of year. I'm still to try out the Next next day delivery, glad to hear that it works well. I'll have to try it out soon xx

  9. Avril - so excited to hear more about those lenses, I've never heard of them before! Just followed the link but my sight is over the limit but who knows in the future! Keep me posted x


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