A furry skirt....

because that's the sort of sensible purchase you need to make when you've just moved house and are living in a building site. Well, I should clarify that the kids and I have done a runner to Granny's house and left hubby to live in the new place alone...but that's another story....back to the furry skirt.

So I was out getting supplies for the workmen when I nipped into Warehouse at Forestside and decided I needed something new for a few nights out over Christmas. But I wanted something that would also work in the daytime. Meet my new  furry skirt...
I tried it on first in the size 10 but it felt very tight & short on me and was creasing across the front of my hips.


Here it is in the 12 - a better length and more accommodating of a Christmas food baby.


Here's a close up of the fabric and a peek at a little cross body evening bag that I also bought. It's a blatant copy of the Celine Trio, which I love but can't afford. This non-leather version is perfect for nights out and is only £15.


There's also a coat in the same material which is a great alternative to all the furry coats out there at the moment as it's got the look but not the bulk, which has put me off buying one up to now. It looks better in the photos than it did when I was there but it could have been the exhaustion that skewed my opinion. Just one thing - the coat is only £20 more than the skirt...am I being unreasonable to think a skirt is 10 times easier to make than a coat and therefore it should be at least half the price??


Finally, I was reading in Look magazine about how we should all have a pair of sparkly jogging bottoms so I tried these..


So so comfy and looked ok but they were a bit tight on the calves for me and needed shimmied down too much.
Loved the subtle sparkle


I brought this top in just to have a plain black top to try with the skirt and ended up buying it...it's a lovely fit and has a cute detail on the back. This is a size 10. Can't have enough plain black tops and Warehouse do them so well.

imageOpen Back Shell Top - £28

Finishing with what I was wearing - an outfit you've seen before but I'm working out of a tiny capsule right now so theres no room for creativity. I'm living in my Celtic & Co sheepskin boots at the moment as I can't find my flat boots anywhere and as for my Helen Bateman Billy Bag - well, it's been an utter godsend this past week or so...especially when we left our old house for the last time and I had to fill it up with all the randomness of the house, which included wires, bulbs, a bottle of bleach, sandwich bags and about 6 sets of keys we can't work out doors for.

imageGrey Fur Gilet - Next (size down)
Breton - Boden
Jeans - Maison Scotch (past season)
Boots - ℅ Celtic & Co
Handbag - ℅ Helen Bateman

Hoping I can squeeze in a post or two this week while staying at my mother in law's. I've finally found the holy grail of foundations and want to share it with a few of my winter skin savers.

Right - I'm off to bed to try out my nocturnal lenses for the first time. Looking forward to a day without glasses or lenses tomorrow - the first in 26 years. Will report back with a proper blog about these as so many of you have contacted me with questions. If you want more information in the meantime, full details are on the Gillian Gervais website.




  1. Love it! I tried this on the last time I was in Warehouse, but left it behind as I have no earthly use for it. Now you're making me regret my decision. No willpower, me :-)

    Becky x

  2. Love the idea of a furry skirt for a night out....very glam! The coat is gorgeous too, such a beautiful colour! You look great in your outfit of the day, you are working your capsule wardrobe well! xx

  3. Ooh I bet you just want to keep on stroking Avril, or is that just me with all things furry?!! Love your outfit of the day.
    Jane xx

  4. Oh you're funny ... shopping in the midst of house renovations! The skirt is very cute & I actually love the shimmery joggers as well. They look fab! What a shame they didn't fit properly. I have a strong suspicion that your capsule wardrobe will have expanded significantly before you leave Granny's house LOL!!

  5. Cute skirt! I live fluffy everything in this weather. Can't wait to hear about your foundation!
    Nic x

  6. Hi Avril, glad to hear you're surviving the move, we've done that twice before in December so you have all my sympathy! Really like the furry skirt, like you I've been avoiding the coats but the skirt looks lovely. I'm following your progress with the nocturnal lenses with fascination, how brilliant - if they work I'll be straight off to get some. Take care. Nikki

  7. The coat is fab. I love the look of collarless coats at the moment.

  8. Love your furry skirt. Just gorgeous! Your gilet looks fab too, Avril. Good luck with it all! Lynne xx

  9. Lovely skirt, love all the things you tried on too :)

  10. Vicky18:35

    Bought this online after reading it - great pick and love wearing!


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