Weekend Bargains at Hush

Would you believe me if I told you I've not worn anything worthy of a photo all week? I've been stripping wallpaper, racing around plumbing showrooms and providing an endless stream of coffee & cake to the amazing workmen we've had at the house. Love this photo the hubby took on Monday - I never knew so much money could be spent on stuff that ends up under your floor!
For three of the days, I wore work-out gear...the same work out gear (washed over night). I'm amazed that this lack of wardrobe variety isn't bothering me - I guess the lure of a new kitchen is enough to keep me focussed. This week coming sees the floors levelled and the whole room plastered....the week after the floor is tiled and then on Monday 9th....the kitchen installation begins!

But one thing all the house activity hasn't stopped, is my penchant for a bit of last minute sale shopping. And today is a great day to look at Hush as they've put on final reductions on the last of the sale stuff. Unlike most retailers, Hush don't leave their sale stuff on once the new season is launched properly so if there's something you like, at this stage, I'd grab it as I've noticed a few things have gone out of stock since mid-week.

I've had this jumper in my radar for a while - dithering over colours. Today, seeing the further reduction, I've ordered the mallard colour.
Fine V-Neck Jumper - £20

I've also lusted over this scarf all season but just couldn't justify it given the million or so scarves I already have. But now it's down to an amazing £15...would have been wrong not to
Geometric Scarf

Finally from Hush, I've ordered this chunky cardigan to try out - not sure if it will work for me but ordering it gave me free postage so it was a strategic decision.. ;)
Chunky Waterfall Cardigan - £25

There are beanie hats for £5 and the most amazing chunky socks that are perfect in wellies and long boots - also for £5. I can recommend both as I've bought in the past.

Ok - running here as we're off to church with Granny! Back with the lenses next post I promise - just finalising the technical stuff with my optician!




  1. Wow Avril exciting times on your new home with the kitchen going in - I bet you can't wait & all the upheaval will so be worth it once it's all done.
    You've picked some great pieces in the Hush sale, I may just have to take another look!
    Jane xx

  2. I'M sure The shopping bug will return when the kitchen is installed - with a vengeAnce!! But How exciting. When you've waited For weeks it's lovely to see it all come together. I Had a microwaVe and the utility sink for 6 weeks and The table in the hallway. Painful at the time But so worth it x

  3. P.s. I dont Know why my comment has random capitals - ruddy ipads x

  4. Can't wait to see your kitchen transformation Avril!! How exciting?! Off to check out what's left in the hush sale....fingers crossed there are some of those grey cardy's left.....gorgeous xx

  5. Oh don't worry Donna - I'm not sure why it's doing that at the moment. Had some updates installed last weekend so I think it's connected to that. It all goes to capitals anyway when it's published. Am impressed with your 6 weeks with a microwave - I would be cracking up if I was in the much dust! Ax

  6. Love the scarf & beanie hat, hmmm, do i need any more though?! ;). I cant wait to watch your kitchen updates :) x

  7. I've been after a cardi like that Grey one for ages since i tried one in uniqlo that was perfect but dry clean oNly. No tHanks.

    So i've just OrDered it. Thank You... I thInk!

    Sorry THis is all in caps - Using my iphoNe & the bugger Wont let me type lower case here for some reason. Never had that problem before, now i look like i am shouting.

    Good lUck With all the renovation work!

  8. Christ it didnt post all Caps , Just some. Looks even woRse Now, ha ha

  9. Oh please don't worry about the capitals - it's something on my end I suspect...will get the tech girl to have a look at it as I've not got a clue. Hope you like the cardigan - the reviews are mixed but I do love the shape of it. Let me know how you get on! Hope you're well lovely xx

  10. Hehee I ordered that mallard jumper a few weeks ago and it's beaut. when i spotted the final reductions I may have picked it up in the plum too, along with a beanie & beetroot LS top. Actually gutted I didn't spot that scarf - it's stunning!

    Nic x

  11. Love all your pics particularly the cardigan...did it work?

  12. Ooh, have just clicked over and found quite a few nice things...some which may have been full price. Oops!

    Thanks for the heads up xx

  13. You're a baaaad influence. I know own 2 dresses and the long long scarf

  14. Oh I love the 'Before' pic of your kitchen, that's a proper blank canvas! Can't wait to see the 'After' in a few weeks :) And those great bargains at Hush! Thanks for sharing, I feel a little purchase or two coming on xx


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