Converse Copies At Next

I've struggled with the school run staple - Converse style canvas trainers...both the brand name ones and the copies. I've tried to love them but the ones I've tried have been uncomfortable and just looked a bit weird on me. I look at other women wearing them and they seem to have bought theirs at the uber-cool effortlessly stylish shop while mine come from the fluorescent white lace, awkward footwear shop. So since my last futile attempt a couple of years back, I've avoided the trend entirely.

Then I was dandering through Next last week returning a rug (WHY oh why is is so hard to get a nice round rug?!!) and I spotted these...

Three things caught my eye straight away. Firstly, they are cream and I'm drawn to everything cream. I have way too much of it in my wardrobe. So I'm wondering, would a cream converse style trainer be a good idea..could it funk up my cream-heavy wardrobe?
Second thing that caught my eye was the super comfy inside of these trainers. They have a spongy leather insole...a granny shoes kind of insole if you get my meaning? In any case, it was calling to me as was the terry towelling lining - these are like slippers inside!
Third thing was the price - £20. Worth bringing home for a try on surely?

After a few days of trying on with labels attached, I decided Bank Holiday Monday was decision day - with photos. First up, I tried them with indigo Maison Scotch jeans.
But they looked too clean cut so I switched to my Maison Scotch distressed instead and they worked much better I think. The tags were cut off....and the deal was sealed!
I wore them (with bare feet) for a long walk down the Lagan banks to watch the Belfast Marathon and then for a long walk up the Lagan banks to feed the ducks at Shaw's Bridge. That's a lot of walking in new shoes and there wasn't a blister or a rub anywhere. I even brought plasters with me just in case as I've had a nightmare with canvas shoes in the past. These babies don't just look like slippers inside, they're as comfortable as slippers to wear.
Rainy Day Mac - Boden (limited stock on clearance here & with 25% off here until Friday)
Jessica Stripe Top - Hush
Distressed Jeans - Maison Scotch (past season)
Navy Scarf - Mango (AW14)
Cross Body Bag - Gap
Trainers - Next

Now I know readers tell me that Next footwear can be a bit hit and miss but I do think that things have improved greatly in the past couple of seasons and these trainers are testament to this. Size-wise, I bought the 39 and they're perfect...a tiny bit snug on my wider foot but nothing a few wears won't sort.

Only gripe? The laces!

I've clearly been spoiled by my slip-on trainers for too long...




  1. I've had my Converse ages now and they're still as uncomfortable as the first wear. Not so that I can't wear them just hard and crusty if you know what I mean. Love the lining of these Avril, you done good girl x

  2. I have these too and really love how comfy they are. I'm a bit like you and have always bought Converse and then returned them again. For £20 i could totally justify these though! Looking fab lovely lady xx

  3. I love my Converse and Converse style shoes, I wear mine almost everyday at some point! Great for the school run.

    Love these Avril, I will have to go check them out. They look great on..

  4. We are the same shoe size. That is all.

    ha ha not really. I got a voucher code through the post from Next the other day, £10 off a £25 spend I think, so really ought to have a look at what they have. I never ever look at Next but did go to a big one a few months back and spied a few nice things. I keep seeing blogs saying they're having a good season....

  5. Any shoe that feels like wearing slippers gets my vote! I've been eyeing these as a potential 'starter shoe' because I really want to get into Converse, but I just don't know if they work on me. It's weird, because I wear my Ash Virgins all the time, but somehow Converse make me look as though I'm trying a bit too hard to recapture my lost youth! They do look great with your distressed jeans, you've inspired me to give it another go :-D xx

  6. I am a converse girl through & through & white were next on my list but these sound - and look! - fab! I was going to get a pair of skater shoes but now I'm thinking these ones instead :) x

  7. I have a few pairs of Next 'converse'. They seem really good quality and have lasted ages! Can't argue with the price either!

  8. They look fabulous! I'm a fan of Superga but I've been umming and ahhing for a while about white converse. Love these, Avril. Lynne xx

  9. They sound really comfy! Which is more than can be said for Converse despite the fact I have two pairs. They are okay initially but after an hour or so, they squeeze my little toe a bit. But I still really like the way they look. And the laces thing. I never untie the laces on the Converse or the Stans. I just have them tight enough to hold my foot in and for me to slip my foot in and out comfortably. Lazy I am.

  10. I so want these! They are good in my size online but I'm hot footing it to Next on Thursday! Praying they'll have them in store! x

  11. Anonymous17:35

    These definitely look better than the white versions out there, and these are such a bargain! Wish I'd seen these before buying a similar pair last month. xxx
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