Zara Belfast Re-Opens

At long last, Zara Belfast re-opened a couple of weeks ago! It felt like a very long 4 months since it shut without much notification back in January but it's been well worth waiting for as the new store is beautifully fitted out..

The lack of a home department (promised by Zara but did not materialise in the end) was one of the reasons I didn't rush in on the opening day...that and the anticipated crowds, which did materialise! I held off until mid-month and went in first thing so I could browse and try on in relative peace.
Overall, while it looks AMAZING - such a gorgeous bright and spacious store - stock-wise, on my visit I found lots of dressy stuff, work wear and high summer stock...none of which appealed. I'm in the market at the moment for a couple of tops that are just a bit different so I kept focussed on that for the trying on session. Here are some of the things that caught my eye throughout the store..along with fitting room pics where I did try them on...

Loved this navy & orange checked top but it was too short on me..
This yellow jacket comes in 4 colours:
This blouse was fab and it's one of my colours I should wear more of. I was going to buy but all the size M's had tiny but annoying flaws in the stitching (check me out Susie So So!!). Considering ordering it online...
Another fab but too cropped top..
These were so fab on - I fell in-between sizes frustratingly..
I thought this top was pretty with the cape detail - it came in a few other colours too.
In the end, all I bought were some jeans that are going back...they didn't stay on me long enough for a photo. Sizing was perfect (which is why I didn't try them on) but the distressing was just weird looking on me. Can't even find them online either...

So it was a win/win for the purse in the end - I got a lovely morning in Zara for the price of a coffee and 2 hours parking. It's great to see the store open again and I'll be back to change those jeans and perhaps do another try on?!




  1. Our Zara must be next for a total refurb - so overdue. I think Zara stuff always looks far better online than in the shop where it's often damaged x

  2. Well done you Avril for checking and checking. It's even more annoying to get it home and then find the stitching is off - been there, done the returns!

    But win win for the purse like you say. It just means ... you didn't really need anything :)

  3. That white broderie dress is haunting me - I almost bought it in London but resisted. It's so pretty! Love all your choices too Avril. The store looks gorgeous! Xx

  4. The shoes are beautiful! I love them! Love the checked top on you too but I can't handle them too short either! No one wants to see my muffin top! Andrea x

  5. What is it lately with tops? Everything I try seems to be cut 2 or 3 inches shorter than it used to be. I was beginning to think it was me that had grown! I do hope you find the orange top, the colour is fab on you, but Zara quality is so hit and miss, isn't it? I've had to return a maxi dress that I loved, but all the embroidery on it started to unravel. Such as shame, as they really are one of my fave shops xx

  6. I went a couple of weeks ago to the new Zara just after it reopened and I have to admit I was very impressed, in fact I loved it and I did buy quite a lot there! There are 2 items I may return as I'm still not sure of but everything else from my haul I love. I think I just got a little it carried away by the whole newness of the store and how great it all looked! I did buy that orange sleeveless blouse (in medium, no stitching problems as far as I can see!) but I haven't worn it yet. At least your bank account can thank you for your lack of spending!!


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