Let the holidays begin.....

....sadly not the sun/sea/sand type - just the 9 week school summer holidays. It was an emotional few days as my eldest finished primary school so there were lots of goodbyes and hugs at the school gate yesterday (after the leavers' ceremony) and today when the gates closed for the holidays.
This week has been emotional on another level too as it is exactly one year since our holiday in England ended with me coming home in a wheelchair. I spent about 6 weeks off my feet on multiple pain meds so I feel thankful that this year, I'm stronger and can actually enjoy the time-off with the kids. My back will never be 100% (and in fact today, it's been quite sore) but I've learned so much in the past year about caring for it. It will always be my weak spot but with plenty of TLC/pilates/gym, it will hopefully never deteriorate like it did back then.

So, what have we been up to over the past few days?
Well on Saturday, the kids and I were invited to an Asda sponsored Minions Party at Cityside Yorkgate. The kids don't get too many perks like this from the blog so it was a real treat for them to have face painting, treats and balloon modelling, followed by the Minions movie with food and fizzy drinks. In the words of the 11 year old 'your blog is well swag mum'...that's a compliment apparently. No photos from me - just the kids enjoying every minute...
On Sunday we went on a day out with Granny to Mountstewart House which has just undergone a 3 year restoration and features in a new UTV documentary for the next 3 Monday evenings (filmed by my friend Aaron). It was great to see it all in real life...the house is simply stunning now and well worth a visit.
love this marble flooring in the hall of the house - used to be covered in carpet apparently..

The weather held to allow us to have a picnic on the lawns afterwards...didn't need my Hush jacket for that as the sun was shining

Monday was the P7 leavers' ceremony where one of the new statement necklaces from the shop made its debut.
Collarless Denim Jacket - M&S (old)
Cross Body & Sandals - Boden (old)

By the way, there are several other colourful pieces in the shop right now on this link - limited numbers...
and finishing with today and my great intentions to go to the gym on the last day of school meant I wore gym gear on the school run. However I was getting sciatic pain down my leg that wouldn't shift so I went for a walk instead before picking the kids up at 12. There's nothing more boring than gym gear, so I'll spare you a picture!

Hope you've had a good Tuesday and that the sun shone where you are today too. It's lovely to get this weather to start the school holidays....makes me so optimistic for the next 9 weeks. Back soon with a little purchase I may have made last week....inspired by another blogger and perfect for this gorgeous weather.




  1. Fingers crossed this lovely weather holds for the whole of the summer holidays Avril. I just love school holidays & this year I've been spoilt with my son starting his mid June due to finishing his GCSEs. It's so lovely to have him at home & be able to forget school & exams for a few weeks!
    Really love that Hush jacket & would definitely have purchased it if I didn't already own something similar.
    Hope your back is feeling better again today.
    Jane xx
    My Midlife Fashion

  2. Oh I remember the sadness of the last day of primary ... went through it all two years ago! Hugely emotional time. Glad to hear you're feeling so much better this year - you are certainly looking ever more stylish as time goes on!

  3. I can't wait for the school holidays.....we still have a couple weeks until we break up but so looking forward to spending some quality time with my daughter! Thankfully the end of primary school is still a couple of years away, I am already dreading it as I can imagine how emotional it will be :0( Hope your back isn't giving too much trouble today xx

  4. 9 weeks - same as us - it's hard work! I'm struggling to find things for them to go and do whilst I work!

    LOVE those necklaces

  5. Oh lucky you! We've still got three weeks to go. Loving your looks as always, Avril. Lynne xx


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