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I'm very fortunate to have a few great brands that, season after season, support my blog without fail. Seven Boot Lane are one of these brands. And I'm not just talking about supporting me with samples from their range each season - although they are incredibly generous in this regard - rather they are one of the most encouraging and appreciative brands I work with.

But they're also a brand that create a quality product that I'm happy to endorse. The boots and shoes are investment items but they're not ridiculously overpriced as many high-end brands are and I can vouch for the quality of workmanship and materials. I still have and wear regularly the first pair I blogged about 3 winters ago and they're going strong - if anything they have improved with age.

So it was my pleasure peruse their new season range and to be given a 15% discount code for all readers of the blog:
This time I decided to try the Eloise Charcoal Suede boot as it's a colour I don't currently have in a boot.
I think these boots look even better in the flesh - they are a gorgeous shade of dark grey, making them very wearable.

The cut of them around the ankle is very flattering - not too tight that jeans can't sit inside them but not so loose that they feel gappy on the foot. I think the ankle strap feature is also a nice way to balance out a heavier leg - my legs look slimmer when I wear them for that reason.

In fact, I've worn them rather a lot over the past few weeks since I received them and they are super comfortable - right from the first day I wore them.
Prepare to see these boots lots over the autumn and winter - they've been sprayed and prepped for whatever the weather throws at them!

You can check out the whole Seven Boot Lane AW15 range on this link and remember to use the discount code SGS15 at the till for your 15% discount with FREE delivery and returns.


Disclaimer - My boots were provided to me free of charge but I was not paid to write this article nor was I under any obligation to blog about them. All the words are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog.



  1. Those are lovely Avril but I've got my eye on the Edens. I think I spotted them early on in the year in a "preview" on IG and they are still the ones I want. I need to get saving though even with the 15% discount.

  2. Nice choice Avril, exactly what I would of chosen, they look super comfy!! love the buckles xx

  3. Wow, they're really beautiful, I've been looking for grey boots but I'd say these are more practical. I had been saving for a pair of Ash Virgins but now I'm debating whether to get some of these! Would you say they're true to size? X

    1. Hi Sarah, I would say their spot on with a bit of give once they've been worn a little. I can wear the 39 no problem. They feel snug initially but after a few wears, they're perfect. Hope that helps! x

  4. Anonymous17:38

    They're gorgeous! I must take a browse on their site as my daughter is begging for a pair of biker boots ... and as we now have the same size feet (evil cackle!) it might be worth making an investment (crossing fingers that her feet continue to grow!) Would be a shame to waste that discount!

  5. They do have some beautiful boots and these are no exception - so versatile too! Lynne xx

  6. They're just gorgeous! I almost don't dare click through, I have a feeling i'll love them all... xx


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