Are you all still out there??!

I'm sorry I've not blogged before now but I've just not had the time....still coming down from the high that was Boston and things have been busy at home too.
First up, Boston was amazing - just the best trip ever as I really relaxed and enjoyed it, putting any worries about home or the kids out of my mind. Hubby had everything under control.
Relaxed Avril - not often seen!
We arrived on the Thursday afternoon and went straight to a performance, which kept us up until about 10pm US time! So what better a plan after that than to go out - until about 4am US time! I thought I'd not have the energy to keep going the next day but it's interesting how much easier tiredness is without kids around and with the adrenaline rush of performing every day.

Outfit wise, it was black, black and more black....the hero pieces for me were my Adidas Superstars which I walked and walked in (blog to follow), my new black coat from Deja Vu, which was worn every day and my Aldo brogues, again so comfy for all the walking we had to do between gigs and for the time standing and singing.
Even on our nights out, it was black all the way! Made for a very uncomplicated wardrobe.

Shopping-wise, I really under performed. We were close to the shops in our hostel so it was easy to nip out and buy regularly. I however preferred to stay at the hostel and chat to my choir friends. It was such a great trip for getting to know choir friends I've not really spoken to before. There are 120 of us in BCGC and we only meet twice monthly at a busy rehearsal with just limited talking time. There were about 48 of us in Boston so it was a great opportunity to spend quality time with each other.

But I did buy a watch on the last day. Hubby offered me to buy something as a memento of the trip and I had a rose gold watch of some description in my mind. I explored the Fossil and MK options but they weren't really ticking my boxes as I wanted some element of silver or grey - and then I saw this DKNY one with grey leather strap and brushed metal detail..
Since I came home, I've been wearing lots of black too...
...and there have been some developments on the work front. All I can say at this stage is that I will be working with two different IT companies in the coming months. I'm not sure how it will work in terms of juggling with the family but both companies have been amazing about flexibility and working from home etc. I'll tell more if and when I can but I have to be honest and say that it's going to impact on my blog a little and I hope you'll forgive me on that front - just till I get myself into the new routine. I've mentioned before that the shop will close soon - so whatever stock is there won't be replaced. Don't hesitate if there's something you like!

What the work developments mean is that you'll be seeing me in somewhat smarter clothes - there's not a dress code in either office and many of my new co-workers wear jeans but I want to wear more of my dresses and skirts and keep my casual stuff for my downtime. At least at the start - who knows where that might go.

So I've a few blog posts coming up in the next week - never fear. I've been perusing the shops and doing a bit of trying on...all in the name of research. I've also been sourcing a formal dress for the choir Christmas concert. Fun and games!

Hope you're having a good week,



  1. Wishing you all the very best with your new ventures sounds exciting! Lovely to hear all about your Boston trip, what a fab way to spend a couple of days! Watch envy going on here, that is a beaut! Loving your recent outfits too....there is nothing wrong with wearing black, as you know I'm a huge fan of it myself! :0) xx

  2. Love the watch Avril. Really want to visit Boston some day. Good luck with the new job sounds exciting. P.S. I recognise a girl in your photo Catherine Black from my home place Carnlough. It's really a small world! 😊

  3. Love the watch Avril. Really want to visit Boston some day. Good luck with the new job sounds exciting. P.S. I recognise a girl in your photo Catherine Black from my home place Carnlough. It's really a small world! 😊

  4. Wow Avril your trip to Boston sounds fab and like you really made the most of it which is so important, these trips away are rare and really must be cherished! Love your trainers on you they look fab and your new watch is gorgeous. Best of luck with your new jobs, a really exciting time! xxx

  5. It looks like you had a fabulous trip! I love your new watch and you're looking super stylish as always. Congratulations on the job front too! I wear lots of skirts and dresses did work and I enjoy dressing up a little and having the opportunity to wear them. Look forward to seeing more! Lynne xx

  6. Boston sounds great - what a fab choir gig. Our biggest outing is M&s knickers at Christmas for charity. we've just been across the Atlantic too - New York for daughter's 16th birthday. Good luck with the job but I'd be sad if you gave up blogging completely.

  7. Wow Avril you have been busy, Boston and a new job! Can't wait to hear all about it and go easy on yourself with all the juggling, you will no doubt still do your best in all area's of life. I love Boston, one of my favourite places. Sounds like a lovely trip and perfect timing before you take on the new job x

  8. You don't muck about, do you??! Two jobs? Congratulations! Looks as though a great time was had by all in Boston, I'm so envious of anyone who can sing in tune and I can't imagine how it must feel to perform with such a large group of people. I find big choirs really moving for some reason - I'd probably be in floods of tears every time I went out there! Loving you in the Adidas, they look v cool xx

  9. Love the padded jacket. x

  10. Boston looks and sounds like you had the best time ever. I do concur that life without children and men runs 100 miles an hr faster and so much more can be dealt with. If you have a video clip of you all singing I'd love to hear.
    I'm so pleased we're blogging buddies and that real life friendship is there too ... I would miss you otherwise!

  11. Wishing you all the best in your' new ventures Avril. The Boston trip looked amazing. xx


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