A week of outfits...

There was no blog last week so I've a few days of outfits to share with you. It was another busy gym week so I confess now to 'active wear' on 2 of those days. But here were the ones I did manage to cobble together, starting with some monochrome stripy action....
Stripy Knit - H&M (past season - similar here & here)
Black Suede Ankle Boots - Ash Jalouse (current version here and less ££ here)

I had a concert last week so this is the standard choir all black ensemble (with choir supplied red cardi) but I decided as my back has been really good for a few months now, to risk some heels. Absolutely in love with these Boden Lille's and hadn't had a chance to wear before now so they got a true breaking in in the form of a 2.5 hour BCGC gig!! My feet were ok though a bit weary by the end....

Next day, it was back to flats and I wore my new French Connection knit I picked up in Dice in Magherafelt. Love it layered over a breton....this time a grey one for a change.
Burgundy knit - French Connection (new season version is on this link)
if you like this colour, it's called Biker Berry and there's some on Amazon on this link and this boutique (I don't know anything about) has some too.

Jumping to Thursday now and the kids were off school so I headed to Moira for a coffee at The Fat Gherkin and ended up meeting about 4 different and unconnected friends - all in the space of an hour or so! Was brilliant to catch up. 
Grey Cashmere Poncho - Helene Berman (past season - similar here & here)
Grey Blouse - TK Maxx (past season - similar here)
(all past season)
Boots & Scarf - as before

Friday was a work day so the kids went to half term club for the day and I took my new camel coat out for a spin..
Coat - Christina Gavioli via Sarah Jane Boutique
Black Oversized Top - TK Maxx (similar here)

And then the weekend happened and I took ill for Valentines Day and spent 2 days in bed. I'm up and about but still not 100% and finding dressing myself SUPER difficult. I actually looked down on what I was wearing today and sighed. In reality, it probably wasn't that bad but I just wasn't feeling it. 

Oh well, tomorrow's another day and 2 of my 3 kids are back at school....chin up :)




  1. That camel coat is just beautiful!

    1. Thank you - I'm so in love with it. I think the colours I've bought before in camel coats were never just right on me. So after many years of searching, I've finally found my perfect one! x

  2. Oh Avril....I just love you in the French Connection sweater, it is so gorgeous on you! The T K Maxx grey blouse is pretty fabulous too....that has a definite whiff of Cecilie Copenhagen about it! Fab outfits even if you were feeling a bit meh! xx

  3. Gorgeous outfits as always, Avril. I adore the French Connection jumper Roth stripes under it - really suits you! Lynne xx

    1. Thanks Lynne - If I didn't blog, I'd wear that outfit at least 3 times a week! Ax

  4. I love these outfits. You always look great. and are so inspiring. I've just bought the French Connection jumper.

    1. Annie - thank you so much for saying that. You've made my day. I hope you enjoy weraing the FC jumper as much as I am. Ax


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