The Next Assessment

This post kind of got sidelined a bit with other shopping stuff and a busy week of off-line work but at long last....
So the M&S assessment wasn't so good but after a couple of dismal seasons, I can see Next getting its act together again with more than a few things catching my eye when I called in the other week.
First up, some more formal/work wear options and they're so on point in this regard. This dress is stunning - flattering with a beautiful shape and an on-trend hemline:
I've also seen this jacket featured on a few instagram posts. It's part of a suit but looks good worn casually also as it's quite long-lined:

Another great dress for the office or for a smarter occasion. A bit low cut but it would look great with a white shirt underneath:
Moving onto more casual pieces, Next jeans just keep getting better and better. These grey ones are on my wish list:
These green utility skinny jeans look lots better in real life than they do online:
and these coated black skinnies are fab in real life with great reviews:
Black Coated Pull On Leggings (but shaped like jeans with a fake waist/pockets etc)
and this coatigan is ace - I shared it online the day I tried it on and a few readers had already bought it and were also highly recommending:
Monochrome Duster Jacket (more like a coatigan)
and this tunic caught my eye - loving the grey trim on it. 
Finishing with a couple of styles from the footwear selection. I think I have a navy footwear obsession going on!
and these navy leather look trainers - so much nicer in real life:

Leather Look Baseball Trainers (also in white)

So lots to make a trip in-store worthwhile and actually, in finding the links for all these pieces, I saw quite a bit more I'd like to try, including some great swim and beach-wear. And that's the thing with Next - I'm more inclined to order online than go in-store because my issue with Next remains the store lay-out and fittings. There's just a bit too much being squeezed onto the shop floors and some of the stores (Sprucefield, I'm looking at YOU!) are simply too dark inside. I'm looking for brighter, whiter Next outlets and more room to move between the rails.

But actually, with Next's amazing online offering, it's an absolute pleasure to order from their website. I mean, next day home delivery? My only gripe with their site is that since they've opened up to other brands, I feel it's diluted the Next brand. I've honestly no interest in ordering SuperDry or Oasis from just feels wrong to me?

As always, let me know what you think. Back with some outfits tomorrow - what a week...I've a LOT of catching up to do on here :)




  1. Next is usually on par with M&S for me and not one of the first places I would think to shop. However like Marks and Spencers they do great shoes and I have to say that I adore the Monochrome Duster coat that you are sporting so I may have to have a closer look. I always see other bloggers rocking things from Next....Sue in her Teddy coat for one, I really should stop overlooking them. I think it's how they merchandise their stores that puts me off a bit! xx

  2. Next online really confuses me now ... I don't fully understand why there are so many other brands there too? It's been a while since I've had a look if I'm honest, although it used to be a great staple for workwear back in the day! I'd forgotten how much I used to love their jeans - for that alone, I'll be going in for another look :)

  3. I rarely buy from Next anymore, though I just ordered the khaki coated skirt which arrived today (I've never ordered from them before end the service is fantastic!). I find their clothes either very corporate or too casual (and I dint really like their casual style). Lynne xx

  4. I went in there yesterday and didn't see much but do like the khaki jeans.

  5. Ooh I was looking at the coated jeans last night but decided against it incase they were too 'legging'...might give them a go now you've said they look good x

  6. Thanks for doing its a great timesaver for me. I have just ordered the coatigan, fingers crossed its works for the older/larger mum too!!

  7. I'm currently wearing some distressed blue straight leg jeans from Next. Love them.

  8. I have that duster jacket/coatigan, love it!
    If you pop in store now they have an offer on for first online order, £10 off a £15 spend. Will also apply if its been longer than 6 months since you last shopped.
    Or existing customers can refer a friend and you both get £20 off (on a £50 spend for the friend, when they keep their order you get your code).
    You just need the little card from instore which has a unique code x

  9. Running till 18th March x

  10. Running till 18th March x

  11. I was killing time yesterday in town waiting for Dh and E to finish swimming so went for a wander through Next. OMG it was all so dull, nothing appealed to me at all. I do like that cowl dress you posted but I guess that colour wouldn't leap out at me IRL.

    To be fair I also went into H&M and that was all a bit blah too. Maybe I'm just not feeling it at this time of year!


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