What I've Been Wearing...

....and a tassel boot update!

Firstly, the boot update. I ended up buying a Zara pair from my blogging friend Joanna (Poppy's Style)! I had made up my mind to hold out and play chicken with the M&S ones knowing there'll be a mid-season sale soon. But then I happened upon the Avenue 57 preloved page on Facebook yesterday (dangerous) and found Joanna selling these ones:

(side note for my sister/sister-in-law and sister-in-law's sister - I'm NEVER getting a cat so don't worry about my tassels!)
I'd actually seen these Zara ones when their sale started in January but I dithered and before I knew it, they were gone. So you could say, they were the first ones to pique my interest way back before I blogged about them. They'll arrive with me in a week or so and I'll report back then. I fully expect to wear them about four times and never on the school run but how GORGEOUS are they? And when they're preloved, different wearing rules apply :)

Moving onto what I've been wearing and I should say that I share most of my outfits on a daily basis over on Instagram so apologies if you've seen some (thought not all) of these already. I know that I have many readers who just read the blog but also, I know Instagram can be a tricky one to keep up with people on...so many pictures to scroll when you should be in bed asleep...
(or am I the only one who ignores this advice?)
Anyway, back to the outfits, starting with some checked scarf action in the form of my Mango blanket scarf from a couple of years ago (I think?) It's a great scarf though very big so I don't wear it as much as I would like to.

Scarf & Navy Oversize Top - Mango (past season)
Distressed Skinny Jeans - F&F AW15
Suede Ankle Boots - Seven Boot Lane (past season but similar here)

Next up, the outfit I wandered around M&S in while researching my last post. Note I'm buying something......though it's a bra and was reduced to £3.99
Black Cape - Zara AW15 (sold out)
Leopard Scarf - via eBay

Next up, some coat colour for the day I went for my hair colour and cut. Bliss to have the greys covered once again.
Green Coat - Zara (via DejaVu preloved)
Black Asymmetric Top - Zara AW15 sale
Distressed Jeans - F&F as before
Necklace - Old via Warehouse

This was last weekend - wearing the other colour way in the Zara asymmetric top:
Grey Scarf & Asymmetric Top - Zara AW15 Sale
Black/Grey Jeans - Gap Outlet (called leggings bizarrely) 
White Vest Top - TK Maxx

Some autumnal colours for last Sunday with a very old favourite coat from Hobbs.
Quilted Coat - Hobbs (easily found on eBay)
Blanket Scarf - Preloved via Deja Vu
Ankle Boots - Mango (years old - similar here & here)

Finishing with a bit of a random 'active wear' outfit. I'm planning to do a leg of the Belfast Marathon in May with my choir friends so I've upped my workouts a bit, adding a couple of runs or long walks to my usual weights/circuit classes. Time will tell how my back and knees hold out but I'm hoping that working out more frequently and with less intensity, I'll avoid injury. This is one of my running/walking, multi layered options...
Hooded Running Top - Lidl (yes LIDL!! Check out their range of work-out gear which is arriving in stores over the coming weeks. This top will be available from the 3rd March and is only £6.99!)
Trainers - Nike Outlet (Banbridge)
Leggings - TK Maxx

By the way, I've been asked about my Garmin Vivoactive lots so watch ('scuse the pun) this space for my review. It's been fascinating using it for the past few weeks and I've become obsessed with my sleep patterns...probably not the purpose most people buy an activity monitor for - eek. I'm not sure if Garmin will be too impressed.

Back with another secret shopper review....looking at Next. I clearly went in too early and took too many photos as the store detective started following me #bloggerproblems 

Have a great Tuesday,



  1. The asymmetrical top is gorgeous Avril. I have a fitbit and it's the sleeping pattern that I was interested in as well so understand your obsession. Like you my blog seems a duplicate of IG but in one place. It's a good record though. Love the looks you are showing. Very inspiring in a practical way.

  2. Oh I'm glad I'm not the only one obsessed with sleep! And yes - I personally don't mind photos being repeated on blog posts as long as now and again there's a couple in there that weren't on Insta. I agree that it's a great source of outfit inspiration - just last week, I was looking back at what I wore this time last year and remembering outfits that I'd forgotten! x

  3. Love the blanket scarf only problem is it makes me want to cwtch on the sofa with a blanket. lol. xx

  4. Can you post link to the Avenue 57 page please?

    1. Have messaged you Ingrid - hopefully you'll be added to it by the admin in the next day or so x


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