Fitting Room Try On - River Island

After a meeting yesterday, I found myself right beside a River Island so I decided to have a quick look. No trying on I said....not enough time! But then I saw so much I liked and next thing you know, I'm in the fitting rooms.

I have really warmed to River Island over the past couple of seasons. I like that they stock lots of jersey and knitwear pieces that are plain/neutral but with a slightly quirky shape. But I have also heard lots of friends rave about their jeans so I was keen to have a quick look at the denim too.

Now I hate trying on jeans. Tops, knitwear or jackets, I can try on all day but what a faff it is to try on jeans on a cold day. But I saw these biker style khaki jeans in the window and just had to try them. The fit is lovely - I'm wearing the 10 and they are spot on and if you're short of leg as I am, you'll like that they're not too long - I'm wearing the Regular leg though they are probably verging on ankle grazer territory with me so do run short. I love this length for spring/summer but in fact, they also worked really well here with my ankle boots. Really loving the zip detail on the inner leg, along with the biker style detailing on the thigh. 
Next up, it's the grey top I'm wearing above. I have this soft jersey top in two colours already and LOVE it. I'll warn you, they do go a little bit ball-ey after washing a gazillion times but based on price per wear, my two owe me nothing at this stage. The style never went into the sale and has been re-released again this season. I have to say that I noticed some difference in the material in these new ones so it's possible they will wear a little bit better.
I've been looking all over for a nice black knit that's a bit different in shape and I found it with this one. It's got 3/4 sleeves, a round neckline, a big pleat down the (longer) back, slits up the side and a drapey front. Difficult to photograph because of the colour but you can hopefully get the gist from the pictures and from the website link. I think it's going to be a great one in the summer over skinny white jeans or even denim shorts on cooler days. Then again, I could be totally wrong about that. Let's wait and see if it actually makes it there!
I have been on the fence about waistcoats but this one is well priced and I liked the shape so I decided to try it on. I think it looks best with bare arms and a cami underneath so to this end, I would see it working more as going out wear - perfect for covering up a little bit more without the warmth of a sleeved jacket. I didn't like it over a long sleeved top - a bit mumsy looking.
and an overexposed one to show you the detail:
This slightly faded looking black sleeveless top was an instant hit on the hanger but when I tried it on, it didn't quite work. I think this particular one is flawed as the arm openings were completely different sizes with a gaping left arm hole but a perfect right one. Otherwise, I loved it - so flattering on. Sadly there wasn't another 10 to try on in the store but I'll watch out for it if I'm in another River Island soon. Can't find it online sadly!
Lastly, a break from the neutrals because I liked the print on this sleeveless top. It's got those annoying cut-away arms that require a strapless bra but apart from that, I loved it....cute side splits (LOVING side splits atm!) and a nice zip detail. 
Then as I left the fitting room, I spotted these stone real suede tassel boots for £45. Very nice in real life. Didn't dare try them on.
What did I end up buying? Well, I could have bought it all (if I'd found another black sleeveless top to fit) but budgets only allowed for one item. And it was the black circle jumper. 

.....though I may have gone back today to get the grey top.

.....and I might go back next week for the jeans.

Don't judge me and let's hope my husband isn't reading.



  1. Ooh loving the khaki biker jeans Avril! I have some washed black ones in the same style from Zara and I have worn them loads! Some fab basic tops too! I haven't been into RI fro a while so it's about time I had a little nosey in there! xx

    1. Thanks Michelle - I think there's lots you'll like. And now you've said that about your black jeans, I'm even more encouraged to go back and get the khaki ones :) x

  2. I'm up and down with RI, I have lost my mind on occasions and brought some hideous print tops ...... Much safer to stay with the neutrals as fine as I'm concerned. Those biker jeans are fab, be so useful as it gets warmer ..... Whenever that might be!

    1. Oh I am so with you there - there was so much there that I'd run a mile from. Especially all the slogan prints and crop tops! I guess the demographic is a bit younger than me but for basics, they have been so consistent over the past few seasons. x

  3. Thanks Avril for introducing me to River Island. I have just received the black top with the pleat down the centre which you featured last week and have now ordered the jeans. And, they do a long length for us tall ladies!! So, waiting for the jeans to be delivered and will be trying on the black top tonight

    1. Hi Sarah - sorry it's taken me so long to reply. I'm so pleased you enjoyed this post and I do hope the jeans & the top both worked for you. Let me know how you got on with them both! X

  4. I just ordered the waistcoat! I believe it's THE piece I'm missing (for now). I really appreciate the try ons. I'm in the US, so there's no stores here. I have similar tastes as you and I love that I can now order from loads of UK stores. Haven't tried River Island yet. I do worry about sizing as I'm only 5'2" and tend to be uk 10 in fitted styles and an 8 in relaxed. Ordered the 10. I may even be back for those motos. Thanks again!


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