School Holidays......Day 1

1st of July and I decided to try not to wear any black at all. It's a pretty poor attempt at colour admittedly - I wore navy instead...but the weather today made it difficult to get too colourful.
Navy Oversized Top - Mango (similar here)
Star Scarf - Potential new shop stock (watch this space)
Necklace - from my shop last year (can be stocked again....)

Yes, in true Irish style, the first day of our 9 weeks of quality family time together was a bit dismal - weather wise that is. Started off nice enough but by the time we got out of the house and drove over to Stormont, the clouds had gathered. We set off optimistically up the avenue but within 10 minutes, were sheltering under the trees. It was torrential while I had these photos taken.
Sandals - Topshop SS15 (similar here & here)
Handbag - Boden AW14 (similar here)
Umbrellas in hand, we trudged on under the trees but after about another 10 minutes, I had to turn back as it was too wet for my sandals (I know....what a fool). Luckily I had trainers in the car...and a raincoat.
We made it to the top of the hill and were about to turn back whenever we saw a sign that said Stormont Parliament buildings are open to the public between 9am and 4pm, Monday to Friday and who knew - there's a coffee shop there! So in we went and we were lucky enough to catch the end of a tour around the chambers (where the politicians hang out). We then got taken under the wings of a couple of staff who were short of tourists to help. It was a very pleasant look around - even the kids enjoyed it.

And as for the coffee's tiny, with just 2 tables but the scones were excellent and only cost 40p! We got 3 scones, 2 very good coffees and 3 drinks for the kids, all for less than £6. As of next week, they're opening up the members' dining room upstairs for the summer months, offering morning coffee, lunch and afternoon tea. It apparently gets booked up very quickly so if you're local and fancy a different way to see inside Stormont, you can find out more on their website.

So I might have posted on Instagram first thing, complaining about the weather but actually, we ended up having a really lovely active morning/early afternoon which earned us a late afternoon/early evening of chilling in front of the tennis/football. Day 1 - DONE!




  1. I need that scarf!!! It's lovely 😊 xx

  2. Pretty scarf! Hope you manage to get through the rest of the holidays! Jane X

  3. You mention that you could stock that necklace again your shop. Yes please! I love it and haven't found anything similar anywhere else.

    1. Thank you Vicki - I'll definitely stock it if I can still get it! I have 2 of them!! X

  4. Can the stars be silver too please? ❤️

    1. No....sadly not! All that bronze colour...but it comes in burgundy and grey as well as navy! X


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