The 6 items you need to buy in the sales....

It's dregs of the sales time but this is when I like to strike with my minimal budget. But you need to buy carefully lest you end up with a pile of unworn stuff that you got at 70% off. We've all been there. So here are my must-have sale purchases - the 6 items you need to tick off the list before buying anything else.

First up - Jeans. I always pick up a good pair of jeans in the sales - summer and winter. The jeans I wear the most are invariably the better brands, Maison Scotch, Piezak and Kings of Indigo - all of which I've sourced in a sale of some sort. 99% of the time, you get what you pay for - a good brand will fit better, hold their shape and you'll wear and wear them. I'm thinking here of the Zara ones I bought a few months ago which can't even keep their zip up for more than 10 minutes at a time and which I've worn twice. Total waste of £25.

My thinking re jeans at the moment is that rips are out now...I am finding them increasingly tacky and have just recently ditched any of mine that had tears in them. My mother in law is delighted. I'm instead looking for a couple of distressed pairs - so there's a bit of interest but no flesh peeking through.

And here's my sales gem from Maison Scotch. I had a pair of these for years and only recently sold them as they were getting loose on me. These are almost the exact same and they're reduced in the sale. Free delivery and with all sizes available as I write. I would be a 28 in these as a guide:
I'm sitting on my credit card in this instance however as I have just bought these Guess jeans in the Spoilt Belle love love them and have worn them lots since I got them. The style is a jegging but they're not as stretchy as a jegging would be.

Next up, a coat and this is the time of year to grab yourself a trench if you don't already have one. They're perfect for wearing as the weather starts to get cooler and every wardrobe needs one. I've had mine since before the twins were born - it's about 9 years old and still looks as good as new. First up, this is from Benetton and also comes in navy from the Harrison website.

Or how about this more expensive option? From Jaeger, it's an absolute classic down from £225 to £110 with most sizes available still.
If you don't already have a great pair of leather sandals - one tan and one black - then this is the time to buy them. We don't get enough wear out of sandals in this part of the world so grab a pair in the sales and they'll see you through a few summers - especially a pair as beautiful as these black ones from the Seven Boot Lane sale:
If a sale isn't the time to buy a leather handbag, well I don't know when is! Again, tan/brown or black are the key colours here as they are the ones that you'll use most. Boden is always a good bet for great leather and this Amanda bag can be used as a grab bag or as a cross body. I'm gutted I missed out on the navy version of this but this tan one is just as gorgeous:

Amanda Bag - Boden
My fifth must buy in the sales? Stripes! Another classic that will never age and I love this quirky top from Joules - who make some of the best breton tops out there:
Finally - if you see a white shirt in the sale, grab it! They are another item I never buy full price. Best I've seen online is this one from Thomas Pink at £29 with an extra 10% off at the moment (tho that discount only covers some of the rather high postage charge!)
What about my sales purchases? Well, I've been fairly restrained and only bought a black loose fit dress in Next, the jeans I mentioned above and a sleeveless trench - more on the coat soon. So there's still lots of scope to buy this space.

Do share if you've any thing to add to my 6 essentials!


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  1. I've been faffing about buying myself a trench all year but you're right now's the time to get yourself a bargain. The Jaeger one is beautiful - spot on length and colour. Thanks


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