The Bootcuts are Back!

Well I'm jumping the gun here as I don't even have proper photos of me wearing them yet but yes, after a break of about 4 years, I've got a pair of boot cut jeans back in the wardrobe.
It all started on a trip to Magherafelt yesterday....which was prompted by the last days of the Sarah Jane Boutique sale......
....and assisted by the son being at an athletics event in Antrim (half way between home and Magherafelt!) So the twins and I headed off in the car first thing and after a coffee with my choir friend, Hilary, we nipped into SJ Boutique for a look and a bit of a try on. First up, some Pieszak slim fit jeans - great length but a bit too much like the ones I already have...sorry the pic is overexposed....was hard to show the denim otherwise!
Next up, some grey jeans - also Pieszak...SJ has a HUGE range of this Danish denim brand. I liked the colour here but the rise was a bit low on this style for me.
Then just as I was about to give up on the jeans situation, I tried these size 8 Pieszak boot cuts on the off-chance. The thing with Pieszak is that they're usually really stretchy and come up a bit big so I was able to squeeze into them. The main reason I fell for them though is the fit. They're skinny right down to below my knees before kicking out subtly (not a bell bottom in sight). So with a heel they look amazing and make me look like I've got a 36 inch inside leg, instead of my usual 30/31.
I got a couple of quick shots this morning before we headed off for the day. I popped on my wedges for these pictures but I think I'll prefer them with a boot. Hopefully this gives you a bit of an idea of the shape and leg-lengthening effect...I'm about 5'11" in these wedges.
They aren't going to be everyday jeans as they need such a high heel and I will confess that it's going to take me a while to get used to this look again but they're a nice way to get wear out of some heeled boots and shoes that I've not worn for a while. Watch this space...maybe I'll not wear them as much as I think but I feel like they're the 'something a bit different' that my AW16 wardrobe needs.

Before I left SJ Boutique, I tried on these culottes which I was also tempted by - these are not my shoes btw...just wanted to see what they'd look like with a heel.
They're a beautiful fit and a bit different with a split effect up the front. In a toss up between them and the jeans though, I opted for the more casual option as I know I'll wear the jeans more. Shopping regret has kicked in now I look at these photos again but I need to be strong. (but thinking of how great they'll look with a biker or denim jacket and my brogues or superstars. ::slaps self::)
The cream top I tried on with everything came home too. I need more 'neat on top' tops for wearing with my boot cuts to keep the proportions right. Boot cut jeans = neater top. Skinny jeans = looser top. As if I needed more reasons to shop!

Finishing with a couple of the new stock of dresses at SJ. This orange one is just FAB in real life - the phone couldn't cope with the colour. Check out the ruffles:
and this one I would snap up immediately if I had an occasion to wear it to. Gorgeous colours and a great price too:
On my race back to the car (as by now, I was going to miss my son's races if I didn't get a move on), I called in really quickly to Spoilt Belle Boutique around the corner.
The SBB in Magherafelt is bigger than the Coleraine store - in fact, there are 2 shops in the town - one with shoes/bags...
and the other has clothing. Great scoot around both & lots added to the wish list...
Most especially this navy Tommy Hilfiger coat which is cut so beautifully - just such a gorgeous classic piece. 
The sale is still on here too - lots of great occasion wear at fab prices:
Gutted to not have time to call into Dice again...or Sportique, both stores I love to call to when I'm up in the town. As a guide, if you're visiting Magherafelt, it does only take 35/40 minutes from Belfast but you need to leave yourself more than an hour to look around. School girl error. But my proud mummy moment was waiting for me in Antrim. I now know how Mrs Bolt feels this week :)
Hope you're having a great weekend!

Disclaimer - I'm not sponsored by Magherafelt Chamber of Commerce or by any of the local boutiques :) I promise to visit other local towns in the coming months and spread the blog love all over....just let me clear the overdraft first!


  1. Ooh I like them! I've always liked bootcuts though, I'm such a nineties girl. I really really hate skinny jeans so have to compromise with straight ones as I feel like my calves are suffocating in skinnies. The bootcuts are such a nice silhouette with the heels.

  2. Avril you have to try and get back to buy those culottes! As soon as I saw them on you it was a 'wow' ! x


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