A little try-on in Next...

Unbelievably, I've not bought any clothing or footwear for over a month. Not much for some people but for me, this is significant. A combination of being overdrawn, uninspired and busy, meant I managed to abstain from the high street and it has gotten me thinking about how buying all the time can become a bit of a habit. I have pared my wardrobe back lots over the past couple of seasons and ironically, it makes dressing easier and has me feeling less like I need to add to it constantly.

As a result, I'm going to try to stay on this more frugal theme on the blog over this autumn winter. A bit frustrating for readers (or so I'm told) as it means you can't instantly click and buy past season items but the reality is that I don't have the disposable income to keep up right now. However, I'm always lucky enough to be gifted a few bits and pieces here and there so they will help keep things fresh.

And in fact, that's what brought me to Next as I was given a gift card recently as part of a press drop promoting their new AW range. I had an hour to spare the other morning so I raced in for a quick try on of a few pieces that I hoped I could add to my workwear capsule...

The colour palate was greys and blushes, starting with this ruffle top - which is like a jumper but the fabric is more like a soft top.

Cosy Ruffle Top - £22 (in 3 colours - wearing an 8)
I liked but didn't buy. Most of my work bottoms are wider/looser so I was looking for neater tops and this is a looser fit top - hence the 8 fits. I'm sorry now on looking at these photos that I didn't buy it though as the colour is great and I think I'd wear it lots casually also. Might go back...

Next I tried on these wide leg wool mix trousers with this top that looked fab on the hanger but really was the strangest shape on.
See how long it is in the arms (mine are short but even so...) and this is a size 8 and yet it's so baggy on my on the tummy and shoulders (I'm not an 8 - too broad across the back)
Rear view to show you how it's higher at the back with a cross over detail. Nice in theory but it actually showed my back and I don't want that. I tried the 10 and was swamped with it.
The trousers were harder to call. I thought they were pricey for Next at £45 and I wanted them to work better with my brogues - I don't think they do in this photo. I did buy them though and am reserving judgement while I try them at home with other footwear (see below)

But the jumper that had to be bought was this one -
just LOVED the colours and the yoke style.
I tried on the 10 but ended up buying the size 8 as the 10 was really baggy. Not sure what's going on with Next sizing?

Completely frustratingly, this isn't online yet!! But it's in stores and it comes in 2 colours - the other one is a beige/cream colour way. I'll add the link when it does appear.

Workwise, I will wear it with my black wide leg trousers as it's got black in the pattern. And if I keep the checked ones from above, I guess I'll wear with them too though it did feel a little too matchy match when I tried them together in-store.
I'll also wear casually with blue jeans like I have above, or grey/black skinnies like I did yesterday for a day where I don't think it stopped raining once...the perfect excuse to light the first fire of the season and have a quiet night in watching Strictly and X-Factor.
and I need to give these slip on trainers a mention. I featured them on social media a few times in the middle of August but at the time, they weren't available online. I've just noticed tonight that they are on the Stradivarius site at long last on this link:
I've worn them a few times now and they're surprisingly comfortable - much more so than I was expecting. They're not leather and I fully expected them to be smelly by now but they're not at all. They're also fine to wear without socks.
My only gripe on them is that they're LETHAL if you're outside on wet ground and then walk on tiles. They actually should have a warning on them! I've slid across my kitchen in them and almost come a cropper in a shopping centre so that's not good at all. Take care if you buy...though you will look fabulous if you fall.
Overall, what I love is how feminine they are for slip-on trainers - a style which can sometimes look masculine and clompy. They're also very wearable for lots of the year. I am planning to try them with the Next checked trousers as workwear shoes...I'll share if it works.

Hope you had a good weekend - I've some gorgeous photos to share with you tomorrow or Tuesday from a photo shoot I did on Friday! Watch this space...


Update - as I left after paying for the jumper and trousers, I spotted another grey jumper I'd featured on the blog a while back and was so impressed with it, I bought without trying on...this is it here
I'm delighted with it - looks great on and as a result, it ended up featuring in the photoshoot - so I'll share it later this week! x



  1. Just wondering how much the jumper was that you bought :-) thanks x

    1. That would have been useful to add to the blog post! Sorry it's not there and thank you for asking. I'll amend it to include that was just £22! X

    2. Thank you - oooh just the sort of price I was looking for ;-) xx wanders off to next!

  2. Love those Stradivarius shoes! Are they really narrow? There are some very similar Russell & Bromley ones that are super expensive, so these would be a great alternative.

    Having seen your Seven Boot Lane Flame trainers I bought them a few months ago but they are so narrow, I'm still breaking them in! It's like some kind of mythical torture but I won't let them get the better of me.

    Thanks for the next review, it'll be on my hitlist this weekend :)


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