Back to Work and Gareth Malone!

Erm...where did that week go? All the intentions of blogging in the evening after work got knocked on the head. Between prepping for the next day, homeworks, gym and catching up with all the great TV people kept telling me I was missing (Cold Feet anyone? LOVED it!)...oh and I can't forget the small issue of recording a Christmas song with Gareth Malone.

Yes, this week, the whole of the choir was sworn to secrecy but I can tell you now that we are backing vocalists on two of the tracks from Gareth Malone's new Christmas album. We sing on his cover of the John Lennon song 'War is Over' and also a Gareth's own Christmas song, which is going to be sung by Ricky Wilson from The Kaiser Chiefs. Well the excitement was unreal...helped by the fact that we all had to wear Christmas costumes.

This is the group shot after over 3 hours of recording:
and there's also a video on this link.

Exciting stuff - all while I was adjusting to a new working week, which went really well. I'm working in an office out in the countryside and it is the most beautifully fragranced office I've ever set foot in. This first week was spent getting to grips with the Bog Standard website back-end and also writing a blog post about Candle Tunneling....the things I know about candles that I didn't know last week...

What to wear was challenging mainly because of the heat. I also was trying to strike that difficult smart/casual balance.

Monday, I went for white jeans and an oversized top with a scarf I got from Next about 3 years ago that has more than earned its keep. A scarf with white in it will always work hard for you. So many of them have cream or off-white bases.
Jeans - Pieszak from Sarah Jane Boutique
Top - Mango (past season)
Scarf - Next
Boots - Ash Jalouse (past season)

Tuesday, it was time to dig out the culottes and these ones I picked up in ASOS last year but I've not really worn them much as they always felt too long. I hoiked them up at the waist for the day but I think I'm actually going to let the hems down and wear them as a wide legged trouser with flat shoes.

Top - H&M
Culottes - ASOS
Tan Wedge Sandals - Clarks
Jacket - Zara

And on Wednesday, I wore black jeans with a top I got in H&M many years ago which I also wear loads. The shoes are past season Topshop.
Jeans - Gap Leggings
Top - H&M
Shoes - Topshop

Apart from that this week, I've frozen my bits off on a windy and rainy boat trip to launch Belfast Culture Night on the 16th September (the choir are sining on Donegall Street from 8.30-9.30!),
been to the gym twice and caught up with my friends at bookclub:
Top - River Island
Jeans - TK Maxx
Tan Sandals - Clarks
Necklace - River Island

So a nice quiet weekend would be a good idea no?

No - heading to Dublin in an hour for a birthday party.

Catch you when I can...



  1. I love your white jeans and boots combo, think it was Monday's outfit! I could really do with a pair of similar boots, pain they're past season.

  2. Loving all your outfits,could this be a regular feature? I like seeing real outfits that you actually wear.

  3. Love this posts and especially love your TK Maxx jeans with the turnups! Do you know which brand they are please?


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