30 Day Wardrobe Challenge || Days 1 & 2

So as I was dithering about this blogging malarky, I got a great comment from Becs on my last post suggesting I try the 30 x 30 challenge. It fits really well with paring back my wardrobe and perfecting a capsule, so I read into it a little more and decided this morning to give it a go. The idea is that you pick 30 items from your wardrobe which you mix and match during the month, creating a new outfit every day. Most bloggers I've seen do the challenge have also not spent any money in the month but I'm not promising I'll do that. It's just a step too far for this January sales loving girl!!
If you follow on Insta or Snapchat, you'll have seen how I got on picking the 30 items and what I will say is that the process of choosing the 30 items is a really powerful one. Even if you don't follow through for the entire month, this step alone tells you lots about your wardrobe. While I went through all my clothes selecting what I was going to rotate for the next month, I made up two huge bags - 1 for DejaVu and 1 for the charity shop. The process kind of gave me permission to be even more ruthless and I promise you that I already am very good at getting rid of what I don't wear. But when I asked myself if I *really* loved the item, if I already had something similar and if I had worn it in the past 6 months, there were plenty of items which didn't make the grade. Some lovely items that I'd have resisted donating but which the challenge in a way made it ok to give away.
So here are the 30 items...with links where they're still available and similar items where mine aren't available anymore.
Starting with outerwear:
1 x Benetton Black Down Coat (on sale in-store)
1 x Camel Coat (similar here & here)
1 x Warehouse Leather Jacket
1 x Fur Gilet (similar on link)
1 x Cashmere Poncho
Work trousers, all wide-legged, 1 x black M&S, 1 x grey Max Mara & 1 x navy Hobbs - similar on this link
7 jumpers....a lot I know but I felt this was important given the time of year.
2 x Benetton merinos, 1 x Oasis ruffle neck blue one (not online - was in the sale), 1 x Boden Tilly in red, 1 x Black 100% Cashmere, 1 x Grey 100% Cashmere (similar on link) and my Hush Etoile jumper.
1 x white top and 1 x white shirt - both Benetton & 1 x denim shirt (mine's an oldie from The White Company)
3 pairs of jeans - 1 x grey from 2nd Day (similar on link), 1 x Topshop Jamie in Indigo, 1 x Topshop coated black Joni's.
1 x faux leather skirt, 1 x tweed mini (similar on link) and 2 going out tops that I forgot to photograph. This one from River Island and this one from Warehouse.
Footwear wise, I chose my New Balance Trainers, 1 x grey ankle boots from Seven Boot Lane, 1 x Black ankle boots from Dune London, 1 x black loafers from SBL (past season) and 1 x metallic brogues from SBL also - currently in the sale.
And here it all is in the wardrobe....
My wardrobe has tons more room - in fact, I'd hardly need a wardrobe at all if I just stuck to the 30 items. But there are lots of items that I've not chosen which I do love and will miss greatly. Regular readers will know my love for shoes and coats...I absolutely couldn't live with just 3 coats and 5 pairs of shoes. It's the part of the challenge that's causing me the biggest anxiety!

I should say now that accessories are not included in the challenge so that's going to be how I survive it I reckon...a new blanket scarf every day. Additionally, underwear (obvs!) and gym gear/active wear are not counted. I'm also not including choir uniform but I don't think I have any gigs in January anyway but I'm putting in that proviso in case something comes up!

I'll leave you with my outfits so far, starting with Day 1's from yesterday. Not sure why I'm posing so weirdly...blaming the NYE hangover (wore the black coat going out)
 and Day 2...all the shades of grey (with the camel coat for going out)
Do feel free to join in and if you've done it before, let me know how you found it and if it helped you spend less over the 30 days. That would be a nice bonus even if it's not my main aim.

Back in a few days with an update and you'll find pictures on Instagram in the meantime.



  1. I love the idea of this I have thought about doing this before but never got round to it. I will watch how you get on on Instagram and maybe do it myself next month.

    Melanie xx

  2. I am going to try this. Fab idea 😊

  3. I'm very interested in the challenge. I have set myself a big wardrobe clear-up challenge this month but I'm going to keep this in mind as I go and perhaps give it a try next month.

    I wish I had the gift of scarf tying as you do. I have a lot of great scarves but am not working them to their best.

  4. I did this twice years ago when Kendi Everyday ran it on her blog and offered a weekly linkup. One was a winter one and one a summer I think, which was a little harder as it was difficult to be creative when I only wanted to wear say, a dress, as it was so hot! Winter is a good time to pick a small amount of items to mix and match as it allows for lots of layering, as you've already started with.

    Good luck! :)

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  6. Aaahhhhh! I just saw this! I'm famous lol!! So excited to read more!!


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