The Dress of the sale!

Dress - M&S
This was a complete impulse purchase as I walked through M&S in Ballymena. I saw it from a distance and did a complete about turn to get over to it. Lifted a size 10 and marched straight to the till. Didn't try it on or think about it at all. It had to be mine.
Of course, I kept the receipt safe in case it wasn't for me but I just knew it would work somehow and as soon as I put it on, I fell in love. I know - cheesy, it's just a dress. But it ticked every box for me for this spring.
Fashion bloggers have been wearing this midi dress look since forever but I'm a late adaptor and only ready to brave it now. It really is the most perfect look for spring with a biker jacket and trainers. Which brings me onto my new Stan Smiths. Got them in the boys section in Lifestyle Sports in a 5.5. Bless my shrinking feet! Finding them good so far - no rubbing or blisters though I will say they're not as comfortable as the Superstars - less bounce in the sole.
I also wore the dress with a biker jacket and boots to work the next day...
 When things warm up a bit, I'm going to wear it with a denim jacket and my taupe boots.

Unfortunately, I can't find it online but I've linked to a few similar ones here:
Do take a look in your local M&S though as there were a few there when I bought mine and a friend also picked one up in the sale at another local store. It was reduced to £18 when I bought it - down from £40. Sure you couldn't go wrong!

Back soon with more on the trainers....and a few spring buys.




  1. LOVE that dress :)

    Rachael xx.

  2. Love the print! I wouldn't normally wear that length but I'm going to look out for it in store. Thanks for sharing x


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