An Outfit (and Pain) Update...

It's been so long since I blogged....fully blaming the amazing weather. No-one wants to be tied to the screens when the sun is shining like it has been for the past couple of weeks.  So I'm easing myself in gently with a few outfits from the past 10 days or so - the ones that were worth photographing anyway.
Starting with my new Next jeans. Now I've seen these all over Instagram and couldn't wait to try them. I have since realised that they come in a darker wash as well as the bright blue I got. I'm kind of gutted as I think I'd prefer the darker one but maybe this colour is better for wearing this time of year?
The top is last season H&M and I bought 3 of them in different colours back then. The link below will bring you to this season's version which is only £4.99. Now I don't think the cotton is the same but I've ordered one in every colour so I'll update you when they arrive. I've also just ordered the alternative sandals in the link below as the ones I'm wearing are on their last legs and sadly I can't find anything the same. BTW, there's currently 20% off with free delivery if you join the H&M club (not sponsored...I have no clue what the club is about except that it gave me the discount!)


The Importance of a Proper Sports Bra | Freya Active

If you've followed this blog for a while, you'll know I'm not a busty girl...and so I'm lucky enough not to have to worry too much about bras or support on a day to day basis and up until now, I'll confess to not worrying at all about support when I'm working out (and even running!). Yes, I do buy the occasional sports bra but they're usually cheap as chips ones or I buy tops with built-in support.

Which I never thought twice about...until I was sent some information from the team at Freya Active who have been working with the breast health specialist team at the University of Portsmouth, conducting the most extensive breast research project ever on the link if you are interested.



#SpendItWell with Marks & Spencer

Just last week, M&S launched a new campaign called Spend It Well with a great ad that I saw so many friends sharing on social media. I think it struck a chord in a way.....that idea of making every moment special by focusing on the things that really matter in life.

The official blurb is that ‘Spend it Well’ is based on the insight that in a busy, abundant world, people seek out what is really important: the quality experiences, people and things that make life special....and here's where it ticks all my boxes - it's about burning the nice candles, wearing your best coat, breaking out the best biscuits, saying no to non-amazing food and never EVER settling for uncomfortable knickers! (well...maybe if they're super sexy, you could put up with them for a while?!)
Note - I added that last bit in - it wasn't on the press release. I never cut and paste press releases and to date, I've never had a PR company notice. I write them myself for a living and go into 'editor' mode as soon as I am sent one. And I ALWAYS take out any bull. Sometimes, they're an eye-roll fest from beginning to end but the M&S one only had a couple of moments. The overall premise of what they're doing is great. I 'get' it and judging by the reaction to the campaign on the day it was released, I think it resonated in a way that M&S usually only sees with their Christmas adverts.

So as part of the campaign, I was one of the bloggers invited to #SpendItWell with a budget of £150. The clothing aspect of the campaign is all about bright colours, amazing sleeves and embellishment - not wearing anything 'just so', instead choosing something a little bit special and wearing it LOTS, everyday...even if it's a bit OTT for whatever you're doing that day. 
Starting with this bat-winged, smocked throw-over top.


Office & Topshop Online Orders & some beauty MUST haves!

The pain presents (to myself) keep coming. Thanks to the gods of online delivery! 

Starting with the shoes of dreams from Office. I saw these on Alex who blogs over at The Frugality and she totally rocked them on this blog post. I thought they would be a really great neutral pair of shoes and the low block heel is definitely back friendly:


Pain Gifts (to myself) from Oliver Bonas & Menarys...

Another little post to celebrate getting dressed and having the 'hur' done - there have been few photograph worthy moments in the last week I can tell you but on Friday, I'd a long standing appointment to have my hair cut and coloured. Jody at Rogue Hair is very difficult to get booked these days so even though I was in a fair bit of pain,  I didn't want to rearrange, as I knew I'd have to wait at least another week and couldn't have coped with the greys!

I'm also wearing loads of new stuff - this feeling poorly is bad for the bank balance...
Jacket - H&M (not online - but this one is v similar)
Handbag - Guess (bought in Menarys - can't find online)
 Top - Only (bought in Menarys - ditto above!)


What I've been Wearing & other randomness...

What better way to ease myself back into blogging again than a 'what I've been wearing' post! There are a ton of photos I've not shared from before Easter as I was so busy with work and then as you know, I've been in pyjama mode pretty much since.
But there are a few outfits I thought I'd share as I'm hoping it will get my head into that 'getting dressed' space again ahead of back to work next week. I've worn mainly gym gear this past week to aid the physio/stretching etc. and dressing seems like such a faff. But fear not - I'll get there thanks to a few deliveries that are en-route to me (more info below!)

Starting with this outfit featuring one of those famous Primark/Penney's skirts that half the blogger population have been wearing on Instagram etc. It was a cold day so I wore it with a wool jacket and scarf. This was one of my painful days so I'll admit to not wearing this for long. I'm really impressed with this skirt for €14 - it doesn't crease at all and can be dressed up or down.
Skirt - Primark/Penneys
Trainers - Stan Smith (boys)
Grey Jacket - Marc Cain (via DejaVu)
Scarf - Topshop (AW16)
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