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If you've followed this blog for a while, you'll know I'm not a busty girl...and so I'm lucky enough not to have to worry too much about bras or support on a day to day basis and up until now, I'll confess to not worrying at all about support when I'm working out (and even running!). Yes, I do buy the occasional sports bra but they're usually cheap as chips ones or I buy tops with built-in support.

Which I never thought twice about...until I was sent some information from the team at Freya Active who have been working with the breast health specialist team at the University of Portsmouth, conducting the most extensive breast research project ever undertaken...info on the link if you are interested.

The Freya Active project is world leading and is the first to study 3 aspects - pain, strain and independent movement at multiple locations on the breast whilst working out. And the main message from it all for me is that the pain, strain and independent movement happens NO MATTER what size your breasts are.

The scientific research has revealed there is a lot more going on over and above breast bounce. It has highlighted that the skin and tissues are under strain during exercise and this can result not only in pain both during and after exercise, but also damage to the breast tissues ultimately resulting in breast sag. AARRGGHH....and even tiny boobs are at risk!

So and I know this is one of those obvious things that Freya wanted to come out of the research....I mean, they sell sports bras for a living after all! But for me it's resonated the importance, especially now I'm in my 40's, to blooming well sort myself out with a proper sports bra.
Luckily enough, I got a free bra in return for sharing this with you. I know, I know....it's a brand-led post but bear with me because it's important stuff....I honestly brushed off their initial approach because I have small boobs. But the information I was sent really resonated with me and I thought - ok, big boobed girls know about this shizz...but what about small boobed girls? I need to warn them....because I don't think saggy small boobs are a good look any more than saggy big boobs.

So there are other brands available but I can only stand over the Freya ones as the beauty above is my first ever 'proper' sports bra and believe it or not, I did get to try it out once before the sciatica attacked and I can verify the support factor.

I've also been trying this Performance Underwire Sports Top from Freya which has built in support...as in an actual underwired bra inside it as you can see from the inside-out picture I took. Genius. It's as supportive as the bra and with the extra benefit of just being one item of clothing. It's got adjustable hook and eye closure on the shoulders as well as at the back (inside the top). Bonus is that it's super supportive but not tight on the tummy.
And to make up the outfit, I was also sent some Freya Capri Pants which I have enjoyed wearing (though not working out in). They have a pocket...I'm more passionate about pockets in leggings than pockets in anything else. They are so essential and not enough leggings have them. This one has the pocket in the back.
And here I am modelling while on drugs.....the GP actually asked me when I went for my appointment if I'd been out running. It's all about looking the part eh? I don't think I'll be running again soon....if ever. But that's for another blog post.
Disclaimer - the bra, top and leggings were provided to me by Freya Lingerie for the purposes of reviewing and writing the blog post. I wasn't obliged to write it and all the words are my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that support this blog...and my boobs!


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  1. Running is what caused my back problems and sciatica :( I've had it on and off for quite a few years but the latest flare has stuck around for 8 months now. Walking is a challenge, let alone running!
    And then there was the 4 days last half term, that I spent completely immobile on my sofa. Couldn't even get up to use the loo... Never has that happenend before in all the years I've been dealing with sciatica :(
    I hope you are feeling better soon. I'm still waiting to see my doc following my latest MRI and hoping its better news this time xx

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