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Newbridge Silverware Belfast | Competition Time

This blog post is about an undiscovered gem right in the centre of Belfast. When I paid a visit to the Newbridge Silverware store on Upper Arthur Street last month, I was genuinely blown away by the gorgeous fit out,  the customer service and the stunning selection of homewares and jewellery. It was way beyond my expectations.

My lack of knowledge of the brand is a bit embarrassing because I was born and bred in Co Kildare, just 5 or 6 miles from where Newbridge Silverware started over 80 years go. We used to go there regularly to look in the factory shop for cutlery - as they were best known then for providing canteens of cutlery to homes across Ireland and beyond. Gorgeous wooden boxes lined with velvet that used to come out only on special occasions. 

Back when I was hitting my 20's, their first jewellery collection emerged. An absolute genius move for a business that was going to go the same way as the crystal companies at that time. You were no-one without a piece of their on-trend silver plated pieces. Regularly friends would arrive on nights out with the same pendant or bracelet! I still have a couple of their pieces from back then.

Moving to Belfast meant that I wasn't close enough to the brand from the mid 90's onwards and even though the products are available more widely now, I've never really looked at them since way back then - I had a dated, chunky silver impression in my head but I was very much mistaken. 

Last month when Ciara, the store manager in the Belfast shop, invited me in for a look around. She was looking after a customer when I arrived and I was so impressed by the customer service she was giving - and no, she didn't know at this stage that I was there. With a retail background myself, I always observe how employees engage with can tell you a lot about the culture of a business. (Zara is probably the best example of how not to do it)
So after a good look around, I pulled a few bits and pieces to try on, including this rose gold ring:
And this rather gorgeous men's watch. The benefits of having larger than average hands and wrists:
But actually, I ended up falling for this ladies' watch. I love that it's not full on rose gold. To me, it's how rose gold should be - much more subtle and flattering on the skin.
I then grabbed a few photos of the home wares while Ciara looked after another customer. And here's where I fell for so much of the homeware stock..

It's not all silver - there's amazing glass ware and crockery, including this boxed set of crystal cut goblets which are only £21. What an amazing gift this would make:
This cheese board is also gorgeous - it's £38
And the white crockery love continued with this tea set. I really hope they extend this collection to include a full dinner set as I'd love to get plates/bowls etc in the same range.
This oblong platter comes boxed for £15 - perfect for the centre of your dining table decorated or with food on it (I'm all for the latter)
But what I kept coming back to throughout my visit was the Amy Huberman jewellery collection which ironically, is all gold. It actually would work so well in silver too but perhaps the fact that it's gold in a shop with mostly silver, makes it stand out even more.
It's a 36-piece gold plated collection inspired by the universe around us featuring motifs of the sun, moon and stars as well as other symbols like feathers and wishbones. There's a little story behind each one and I was particularly taken by the cluster necklace with features all three of the main symbols. 
The most brilliant thing about all of the necklaces in the collection is that there's a little adjuster at the back of the necklace for you to easily lengthen or shorten your necklace so this cluster can be worn as a choker, mid décolletage as I'm wearing it or as a proper long pendant to below the bust. This is a gamechanger for me - it's such a genius idea and I'm amazed that other jewellery companies haven't cottoned onto it yet.
There's a matching bracelet to the cluster necklace, which I tried on below with one of the pieces from the Ti-Amo collection, for which Naomi Campbell is the brand ambassador. It's a chunkier range with lots of stacking pieces and this champagne gold plated bangle comes in a few different colours

Charm Bracelet - Amy Range
Throughout, I was taken aback by the prices of the products. They're so competitive and honestly, seem almost underpriced in some cases. Everything comes boxed so it all makes for great gifting.
My only feedback to the company? I think they should rebrand to Newbridge.....leave out the silverware...because it's SO much more than that.

Of course, I made a few purchases and was also gifted some pieces by Ciara in the shop and the good news is that one of those pieces is a cluster pendant like the one I'm wearing above, which I'm giving away here on this blog post.
For your chance to win this Amy Gold Plated Cluster Pendant, simply follow the instructions on the attached rafflecopter application and I'll pick a winner on Saturday morning, 21st October. Competition is open worldwide and there's no cash alternative. Winner will be chosen at random using the Rafflecopter App and will be notified by email and announced on this post. Good luck!

Disclaimer - I was not paid to write this post, nor was I obliged to. I simply wanted to share this absolutely gem of a business. It's my newest go-to for gifts. Some of the items I'm wearing above were gifted to me. Thanks for supporting the businesses that support this blog.


  1. What a great range of beautiful things! I love jewellery!

  2. Gorgeous, I thought it was all about silver jewellery as well!

  3. Lovely shop - been in once before

  4. Jewellery is very unusual. Beautiful shop

  5. I have a Newbridge Silverware pendant, given to me this year by my sister-in-law, for my 50th birthday. It's a crystal "cube" pendant, and it's lovely! We were in Belfast at Easter and popped into the shop for a nose around. Would love to win the pendant.

  6. I have a Newbridge Silverware pendant, given to me this year by my sister-in-law, for my 50th birthday. It's a crystal "cube" pendant, and it's lovely! We were in Belfast at Easter and popped into the shop for a nose around. Would love to win the pendant.

  7. Love the cluster pendant+bracelet! Going to a wedding soon and they would go so well with my outfit!! 😄

  8. Rose Goldplate Bangle, I do like the rose collection kitchenware too!

  9. I actually love the gold range! Is that wrong when it’s supposed to be a Silverware store? ��
    Will definitely pay a visit as I previously was unaware of the great prices and the fab gold range ��

  10. So nice to see products well presented and packaged too

  11. Didn’t even realise there was a Newbridge shop in Belfast! Must plan a visit soon!

  12. Lovely jewellery, modern and classy. I really like the gold pieces. I also love the homewares - that cheese board is beautiful.

  13. The gold cluster necklace is beautiful. I'd forgotten about Newbridge, I've got some of their newborn/christening gifts and they're still great despite being played with by my children!

  14. What a lovely shop with a range of jewellery and gifts at great prices. My favourite piece from their jewellery collection is the Amour double bangle from the rose collection. I agree with you they should drop"silverware" from their name.
    I've only just discovered your blog and I think it's excellent.

  15. The gold cluster necklace looks stunning!

  16. Always loved their stuff - love how it evolves constantly - they never rest on their laurels!

  17. Lovely jewellery! Want it all!

  18. The Amy Huberman collection is gorgeous. Keeping my fingers crossed for a win!

  19. That necklace is stunning! Good to know about the brand - I will be bookmarking!

  20. the Rose Butter Dish is beautiful :)

  21. The Amy collection looks lovely. Agree with you about the name change - I wouldn't have thought to look at their website for anything other than silverware!

  22. Need that necklace in my life.

  23. Really love the piece you chose as the competition prize- keeping my fingers crossed �� x

  24. Love the cluster necklace - also love that it can be different lengths!

  25. Some fantastic gift ideas here-must visit soon!


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