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The other week I was sent something that I never buy myself. Posh pyjamas. I'm a PJ cretin, wearing old t-shirts or leggings mostly. I have a couple of nice pairs that were given to me when I had the twins as I spent more than a few weeks lounging about (in shock!) but they are 9 years old now so well past their best.

So when Figleaves offered to send me some new Pyjamas to welcome winter with open arms, I accepted with open arms. And they didn't disappoint, sending me these gorgeous soft black jersey PJ's with a matching dressing gown.

And I thought I'd take some posh photos of me lounging on my bed like a stylish lounging blogger. Of course the reality is nothing like this. It's a messy bed, kids getting in the way, bad hair. And it's way earlier than I want it to be so usually I'm a helluva lot grumpier! But no-one wants to see that reality so here's the Instagram equivalent.
The best bit about these PJ's (and indeed any plain colour ones) is that you can legitimately wear them all day. I mean, it's just a black top and some wide leg jersey trousers?! Add pinkness and flowers and suddenly, you're a lazy hallion who should have gotten dressed hours ago :)

So of course, now I've got the taste for the posh PJ's and I'm eyeing up the grey version of these. But seriously - a brilliant Christmas present idea. Hint hint.

Thanks to Figleaves for glamming up my bedtime - the PJ's were sent as a gift but I wasn't paid to blog about them, nor was I obliged to do so. Thanks for supporting the brands who support this blog.
how I would laugh if my life was actually as perfect as this photo suggests....


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