The Sisterhood of the Travelling MiH Jeans

For those of you wondering what on earth MiH jeans are, it's a UK super cool and pretty expensive denim brand. But there's a great story as to why I've ended up with a pair of these designer jeans....let's go back a couple of months to when Sue shared this photo on Instagram:
(sandals are from Matalan by the way)
I sent Sue a PM to ask her where she got her jeans and she told me they were MiH ones...cue disappointment as I'm never going to spend that much on jeans realistically.

But then Sue told me that she had a second pair that had been sent to her by another one of my Instagram favourites, Ontario based Brit, Flic, who blogs over at Love a Good Stripe and who posted a photo on Instagram over the summer, lamenting the MiH jeans she bought on sale...
Because Sue has been such a great support to Flic and her blog, Flic offered to send these jeans to Sue as a gift. (It's interesting to note that many of the good sides to Social Media involve my friend Sue....she's not only a lovely genuine person to follow but she attracts similarly lovely genuine people).

Anyway, the jeans arrived from Flic but then Sue went and got all skinny and now has the same jeans in a smaller size. So back to the first picture of Sue above. When I asked about the make and model of the jeans she was wearing, Sue said she still had the larger pair and in the same gesture of kindness that was shown to her by Flic, she was going to pass them to me in the hope that they would fit me.

I'm not kidding you - they fit like a glove. Of course it raises the question, is it worth paying the price for premium denim? I'm still on the fence. I have expensive and highstreet pairs and there's not always a big difference. There's another blog post there...leave it with me and my LONG list of things I should blog about.

But I digress. The only thing was that I felt the jeans were a little too long so after seeking Sue's advice, I chopped off a centimetre:
flung them in the washing machine and hey I am today down at the Outlets in Banbridge all posey in my new (to me) designer jeans:
Jacket & Scarf - Zara
Jeans - MiH
Loafers - River Island
Bag - Prada (4th Child)

I LOVE everything about them. The distressing, the shape and the fit but most of all the story....the fact that they've travelled to me via two amazing women and they epitomise all that is good about Instagram & blogging friendships.

So by way of thank you, here's a huge shout out to Flic and to Sue. Please go and show them some blog and Insta love.

Ending with Sue's hashtag.... #thesisterhoodofthetravellingMiHJeans...sums it up nicely.


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  1. Thank you for the lovely post and I love the pic of Flic up there in those MiH's! I couldn't believe it when I realised she was posing in the same pair of jeans that I already had and then she offered me them after I left a comment. I love social media and for the lovely ladies I've met through it. So glad they have found a good home with you and I'm sure they will bring you much joy. And I'm on the fence too with designer jeans - they're only worth it, if they fit you right. But that's the same with any jeans. x


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