The Bargain Woven Circle Bag from Topshop

First up, full credit for this find goes to Sue over at SusieSoSo - my long time blogging friend whose blog posts I always read. In fact, she and Bean at Small Town Threads are the only bloggers I immediately click through to when I hear they have a new post. Because both Sue and Bean have the most amazing eye for finding the new season must haves before everyone buys them and they sell out.

Which is what's going to happen to this bag. If you've been waiting for an affordable round rattan cross body bag for the summer, as I have been, you will want to get this £24 bargain from Topshop. 

Also available in Black:
and finally, if you fancy a bit of a pattern, there's this one too:
As soon as I read Sue's post last Friday, I clicked through and bought it. I even added in a ridiculous red dress to ensure I got free postage. The dress was returned yesterday. The bag is a keeper. Here are some of my pictures...
It's very nicely made - lined in plain material and it opens and closes easily.
Ok, you're not going to fit the kitchen sink in here but it fits my purse, wallet and keys etc...basically everything I currently fit in my cross body leather bags I use every day.
Only issue with it is that it's heavy. I honestly thought it was stuffed with something but it comes empty. This might be an issue after continued wear as the straps are not leather so they may give out on you. The clasp might also struggle with repeated opening and closing.
Actually, there's one other issue. Men don't get them. My husband (and actually my kids too) all thought it was a new sewing basket. Which actually could solve the previous problem nicely because I don't have a sewing basket and if this bag gives up on me after one season, I can reuse it as just that.

And if you're looking something bigger along the lines of the circle totes that were all over Instagram last summer, Sue also alerted me to the fact that this beauty is now in stock in House of Fraser. I had seen it in a press preview about 6 weeks ago and was eagerly watching. 
'Hurry' the website says, 'there are only 17 remaining'...arrggh. Thank you Sue but I just can't justify two round straw bags in one week...or can I?



  1. You're just like me - only 1 pair of shoes per week. Or handbag! And my husband hasn't even commented on my little bag so he hasn't even clocked it. Just goes to show eh?

    And like you, I like Bean's blog for her Sunday Seven. She always spots the cool picks!

    Thanks for the mention lovely! x

  2. I saw this bag in store today! I say that excitedly because my teeny local branch of Toppers seems to only stock Jamie (legging) jeans & crop vests for the most part... anyway, it’s a lovely little bag. ‘Deeper’ than I imagined - as in a good size, I thought it wouldn’t fit anything in. You’re making me wish I’d nabbed one 🙈😂 Thank you so much for the lovely shout out too - honoured to be up there with Sue! Xx


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