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I looked for years for the most perfect camel coat, with mixed success. I would find the colour I loved but not the shape, or vice versa. The search finally ended last year when I found the elusive mix of shape and colour in the Jaeger Outlet shop in Banbridge. 

It was an investment. From memory, even though there was an extra lot of discount on the day and I had some vouchers, it was still about £150 and I was nervous of handing over the money but what an investment. As well as just looking amazing and giving me proper Marie Kondo joy every time I wear it, it's genuinely the warmest (non-padded) coat I own, thanks to the cashmere in the mix.

The two things I love about camel is how it warms up my cold but favourite grey and black clothes and how it works so well with my favourite print - leopard. As demonstrated so well with this outfit: 
Coat - Jaeger Outlet (sized down to an 8)
Grey Knit - Benetton (past season)
Leopard Bag - Monsoon (see below)
Jeans - Topshop Jamie
Boots - Seven Boot Lane Grace (past season)

(similar leopard print bags here, here and here)

So as I've been enjoying mine so much and get asked ALL the time about camel coats, I thought I'd have a look online to see if there are any in the shops. After all, it's not getting any warmer out there and it's a lifetime investment - you will literally wear it forever. AND there are still sales on so you'll be snapping some of these up at an amazing discount.

Starting with this beauty from the Boden sale, which gets great reviews:

Incidentally it comes in Leopard also ❤️...I've featured it before and if I didn't already have a leopard coat, I'd snap it up. Two leopard coats is excessive, no??

Boden also has this gorgeous cropped camel jacket in the sale...perfect for this time of year and with the slightly 'hairy' finish, it ticks the teddy/fur trend too:

From the Jaeger Outlet, this one is less expensive than mine as its not got cashmere in the mix. It looks to be a looser fit than mine. I sized down in mine so you might want to do the same for this one.

Another short one and I tried this on in Harrison Fashion in Belfast recently and I'm still thinking about it. Can't find it on their website but there are some bigger sizes on the Scotch & Soda website. The denim collar is removable.

This one is current season Zara and while the colour and the shape is great, it's a SS18 coat so doesn't have wool in the mix

75% wool and in the sale next from German brand Halhuber - the collar is removable on this double breasted coat:
Hallhuber Wool Coat - House of Fraser (only available in a size 14 at time of writing)

Another limited size one, this time from Phase Eight at John Lewis. Only available in a size 14 at time of writing

A gorgeous shorter style from the Monsoon sale this time. 14/16/18 still in stock

and it's bigger sister, the Rosemary....longer length, again in limited sizes. This one has a cleaner cut so it's good for anyone who doesn't like belts, buttons and collars:

A belted bigger collar one from Lipsy at Next. This would suit a pear shape better - if you're larger on top, it's maybe not a great option:

And finishing with a Lands End one from Debenhams which again, is in limited sizes as I write this blog post:

And I'm all out of steam now...four nights of broken sleep and I'm remembering what it's like to have newborns. The joys of poorly kids....hopefully all on the mend now! 
But if you see any gems anywhere else, do let me know in the comments on on social media.

Disclaimer - this is not a sponsored post. Some (not all) of the links are affiliate links which means that the brand knows you came to them from my blog and they may pay me a tiny commission if you buy and keep the item. This is the income that keeps my blog going, covering the cost of domain hosting and tech support as well as helping me to buy stock for my shop on proforma invoice. 
Feel free to navigate the various websites yourself if you'd prefer not to use these links, though don't click on an 'Ad' or 'Shopping' post from Google or they will get the commission 😱

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