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Just a quick post today to share my new blue dress from Next which has been getting all the Instagram love. I've worn it twice over the past week - once on a hot day and once on a cold day so I thought it would be useful to share both looks on a blog post...

White Vest - Primark
I first saw the dress over on Katherine's instagram account when she tried it on a few weeks ago. The next day, I saw a girl wearing it in House of Fraser and went over to chat to her. That's what really sold it to me - she was raving about it and had styled it beautifully for work. I had been concerned about the fabric and it being too heavy as the weather gets warmer but I could see it was a lovely light material that would make it perfect for summer.

So for this first look I styled it with a white vest under, sleeves rolled up and my Dune London slides which pick up the orange/tan colour in the print nicely.
Then on a cooler day, I wore navy ankle boots, a denim jacket and the grey handbag I got in House of Fraser a couple of weeks ago, which I know so many of you have been trying to find online since. Check the link below! 
I started the day with a navy scarf as it was so chilly:
Ankle Boots - Ash (past season - amazing bargain here or here for something higher)
use OUTFIT30 for 30% more off the price though!
Navy Scarf - Zara
I should say I also had a vest and slip underneath for extra warmth. 
Oh and did I mention that it's a proper shirt style dress that opens right down the front so I'm going to try it open over skinny jeans and a vest next. When I do, I'll update this post. All in all, a lot of dress for £40!

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  1. I bought this dress on the strength of this! Arrived yesterday and it's absolutely fab. I don't live anywhere near any shops so have to buy everything online and seeing you 'modelling' clothes helps me so much in choosing! It's as lovely as you said.Thank you

    1. Aw that's great to hear...sometimes wonder why I do this and I often struggle to explain it to some people so it's lovely to read your comment. Thanks so much xx

  2. Clare Toohey14:02

    I have also now bought this dress Avril! I would never have tried it on, if I hadn't seen how lovely it looks on you, so thank you �� I love your blog, because it includes affordable looks, not just 'high end'. However... I hsve also bought the M&S tan sandals so your blog is bad for my bank balance! ���� Xx


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