The Sandal you won't take off all Summer

So every year around this time I look for my investment leather sandals for the summer. Last year’s pair are looking quite good so I’m not going to buy a pair this year (yet) but when I wore my olon Instagram the other day so many people asked me where to get something similar. You see, they're the kind of sandal you'll not want to take off ALL summer. I know because I buy a pair every year and I wear them to death. Literally. They rarely get put away for the winter because they are done by the end of the summer. 

I have quite specific criteria for my perfect summer sandal - they must be made from lovely leather, have a bit of a sole and heel/cushioning i.e. not completely flat but nothing too bouncy or you start to stray into fitflop territory. Nothing wrong with fitflops but they're just not stylish. Sorry - been there, done that. Wear trainers for comfort! Also, Birkenstocks while they're quite cool, don't really work with my wardrobe as well as a neater, more streamlined sandal. 

I prefer minimal hardware and won't go near a thong style sandal (though I'll take a well supported toe post style). They must be a sandal I can slip on without having to fasten any buckle - so either a slider style or with a back strap. And finally, they should cover the foot reasonably well - nothing too bare or strappy because you know - Ireland. Colour wise, despite it being summer months, I still find I get the most wear from a black pair. Though I'm going to experiment with a chocolate brown pair this summer to see if I wear them as much - more on that search below.

The right pair is always worth investing a little bit more in - I’m happy to spend up to £80-100 if I need to. Though usually, I can find something in or around the £50 mark.
Final piece of sandal advice, if between sizes, size up. There's nothing worse than feet trying to escape a pair of sandals.

So if I needed a pair this year – these would be my contenders, starting with my favourites - these crossover ones from Aldo. Aldo are seriously knocking it out of the park this season. It's good to see this after a few wobbly seasons from this brand.
Next up a bit strappy and with a toe post but there is plenty of support in the wide straps so I'd have wanted to try these out..
Next and these do have some hardware but they're not too blingy. I love how the arch side of the foot is covered with leather and well supported:
Next to Warehouse and I wish they'd left the studs off these but they are a lovely leather. My 2018 pair are Warehouse and they have worn so well.
Also Warehouse, I'd need to see these to decide if they're going to work...the comfort footbed can start straying into fitflop territory...
It's the Hermes dupes next and they're still going strong this season at Dune. These are seriously comfortable, though I feel they're overpriced
I think these Next ones are a better price and look to be similar quality. I'm going to try to check these out in-store.
Over to John Lewis and these simple slides have a lovely metallic detail at the heel:
These woven ones from Hush also look great - well priced too. Hush footwear is always lovely quality:
Boden next - always great quality leather though these are their only suitable offering this year. They are well reduced this weekend and I'm liking the twisted detail:
These Topshop ones are slightly breaking my no obvious hardware rule but I'm intrigued by them...I'm guessing you slip your foot into the ring? Need to see these in real life I think:
Moving onto two more chunky options and here's where things can go a bit orthopaedic if you're not careful. These Clarks ones just about stay on the right side of style:
Whereas these John Lewis ones would need to be styled carefully. They look amazingly comfortable but I'd need to see them in real life to decide if they are too much on the 'comfortable' side of the mark...worth a look if you are lucky enough to have a JL near you:

Finishing with the search for dark brown ones - it's not easy to find chocolate brown sandals...lots of tan everywhere. The only ones I've seen that I like are these ones from Hobbs - on 20% off this weekend but still a bit pricey for a colour I'm not sure I'll wear as much as black:
So do let me know if you spot a similar dark brown flat sandal anywhere!

Hope you've been enjoying the gorgeous weather this weekend - I could blog more often if I could  write them all while sitting in a sunny garden..



  1. The Warehouse style arrived today and is perfect for those who require a narrow fit sandal x

  2. Hi, I bought the Warehouse chunky double strap sandals, just didn't suit me though I have something similar from a while back. Anyway, thanks for this post as its prompted me to get a move on buying summer footwear before everything in my size sells out !!! I have just bought a double strap leather pair from Next .....not quite a comfort foot bed, but a decent enough sole for light/medium wear occasions.....they were a bargain for leather and have rave reviews !!!( which means I have money left for another pair !) Hope you've found 'the' pair Avril x


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