Father's Day | The Kids Takeover in M&S

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This blog post is about what we bought our Daddy in Marks and Spencer for Father's Day. Mum was given a gift voucher by the people in M&S but we were allowed spend it and she couldn't tell us what to buy.

When we arrived in the big Belfast M&S, the menswear section was full of Father's Day signs and there were lots of displays showing what would make good gifts. 
The best presents were the mini-me PJ's - though they were more for boys. It would have been nice to have had pink ones for daughters...
There were also Dad and Kid socks which were cute:
Mum then insisted on spraying all of the Dermot O'Leary aftershaves - the green one was our favourite but as Dad has SO many bottles of aftershave already, we decided to get him the face cream instead. It's got sun protection in it so will stop him getting too many more wrinkles!
We saw this rucksack and almost bought it - it looks much trendier than the one he uses for the gym...
In the end, we decided to get him some trekking shorts and a t-shirt with a Legend logo on it. The shorts because he likes all the pockets when he's working in the garden and the Legend t-shirt because he's old like an actual Legend.
Mum also got him a bottle of fancy beer...
and a bag of fancy coffee. His second favourite drink....
And because mum told us he doesn't read this blog often, it's ok that we are showing this before we give him the gifts. Because it wouldn't be a very useful blog post for everyone else if we waited until Father's Day!

We hope you enjoyed our blog takeover. Mum helped us to type this up but we told her what to say. Thank you M&S for giving us a voucher to spend on our Dad.

K&G x



  1. Love this!! Fab work girls - I think mum should let you do this more often. And I think dad will love his gifts.....especially the cream to stop the wrinkles!! Cx

  2. Anonymous22:28

    Sweet ��

  3. What a fantastic and informative blog. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Too cute! Nice items M&S.


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