My Brazilian Blow Out | 12 Weeks On

It's been 12 weeks since I had my Brazilian Blow Out at Rogue by Jody and I've been inundated with questions asking me how I've gotten on with it and whether I'd recommend it and have it done again....
To give you the back story, my hair is really coarse and hard to manage. When I wash it myself, I have to give it a day or so before I can actually work with it as it's so frizzy and mad. It's extremely thick too - there's a LOT of hair on my head! 

For that reason, I've been having weekly blow dries for years - it's just easier all round because the benefit of having thick and coarse hair is that you can get a full week out of a blow dry. It gives me 5 days of perfect hair and on the 6th day, I tie it up. The only downside is trying to get the time booked every week - especially recently as I've been working again and have had fewer opportunities to get to the hairdressers.

So Jody, my hairdresser suggested I try the anti-frizz treatment his salon uses - the original BBO - Brazilian Blow Out. It's described as an anti-frizz treatment (not a straightening one) so you can still curl your hair and you don't lose volume. It's also extremely kind to the hair and doesn't damage it at all.

I've explained the treatment over on this blog post - it doesn't take long to do and it can be done at the same time as your colour and cut, which is what I did.

Included in the price of the treatment is your cut and blow dry and a bottle of shampoo and conditioner to use during the 10-12 weeks. Ordinarily, these would cost £30 each and they definitely do prolong the effect.

What's the verdict?
It's a thumbs up for me in that I was able to manage my hair for a full 12 weeks - it was so much easier to tame after washing and sat really well for me each week. Something that never usually happens. I did notice as I got to 10 weeks that I needed a bit more product in the hair but up to 8 or 9 weeks, I was only using the shampoo/conditioner and a bit of hairspray. I would blow dry my hair and then just run the straighteners through the ends. It took about 50% less effort for me and I didn't feel in that time that I needed a professional blow dry.

What I will say is that if you're looking a poker straight treatment, this isn't it - it's a relaxer but I've had a proper straightening one before and it was quite different. For one thing, the straightening treatment stinks - it's effectively a perm without the rollers! And it's harder on the hair. But it does give you poker straight hair and if that's what you want, then you might want to investigate a treatment like this instead

If you're just looking for something to take the frizz out and leave you with some body, then the BBO is perfect.

Would I have it done again?
I said this after my last treatment and I'll say it again, I love the social side of going to have my hair done. A visit to Rogue is like therapy for me - chat, craic, coffee and I come out feeling fabulous. Yes, I still looked fabulous at home but I was missing out on the rest!
So for me, who can fit a hair appointment around my flexible working hours, I'm going to go back to my weekly blow dries again but if I took another work contract that restricted me in that respect or if I was going on holidays, I'd have it done again. 

How much does it cost?
The treatment costs £180 usually although this includes your full size 350ml shampoo and conditioner AND a cut, all of which together would cost around £100. But if you have your treatment in Rogue by Jody this month, you can get 20% off  by quoting Avril when you book it.

As always, please ask if you've any questions and also don't hesitate to phone Nicki in Rogue if you've any technical questions - she's the BBO expert and is on the end of the phone or a Facebook message if you want to know more.

Disclaimer - I paid for my treatment (with the discount as above). I was under no obligation to blog about it. Jody is a friend though and I'm always keen to support a local business. 


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