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[AD - gifted treatment]
This week I was invited to review one of the two new Clarins Wellness Treatments - the Rise and Shine (the other one is the Beauty Sleep) at the Clarins Spa in House of Fraser, Belfast. These 1hr 25min treatments are all about reclaiming a bit of me-time away from a busy lifestyle and they're a welcome departure from an increasingly aesthetics-driven therapy space. Beauty comes from within and massage is a huge driver of skin health so has an important part to play in this surface beauty focussed world. As well as promoting skin health and clearing the body of toxins, massage also promotes wellbeing for the body and mind. 

The Clarins Spa at House of Fraser, Belfast

What does the Treatment Involve?
As it is a full-body treatment, I was asked to remove all my clothes and put on paper pants - this is to prevent underwear from being stained by the oils used. I then lay on my back on a treatment bed which had the most blissful large hot water pillow supporting my whole back. Think of a massive hot water bottle crossed with a water bed...it was a joyful thing to lie on and I want one for my own bed now...haven't broken this news to my husband yet! I was completely covered by towels and quite literally snug as a bug. I could have happily stayed like this all day.
The treatment bed with giant water bed style hot water pillow

My treatment started with about 10 minutes of stimulating gentle tapping movements that Natasha, my therapist used on my head and face. She also released tension in my neck and shoulders using Clarins tonic oil and encouraged me to take some deep breaths to fully prepare me for the treatment.
Next step was a facial which involved a gentle cleanse followed by a massage using the Clarins facial oils, a second cleanse and the application of eye cream and moisturiser to finish. 

The movements in the facial are similar to that used throughout the treatment - Lemniskate. This is a spiral figure-of-eight movement carried out in a continuous manner. It helps to regulate vital energy and facilitates deep relaxation. 

Once my facial was complete, Natasha explained that the treatment would work in that same figure-of-eight manner, starting with my left arm, moving to my abdomen, down to my right leg, over to my left leg and then to my right arm. I had forgotten how wonderfully relaxing it is to have your arms massaged - and Natasha used different parts of her hands and arms to create gorgeous relaxing movements.

The abdomen was interesting - I've never been massaged here before and I was a bit concerned about it but I had no cause to be. It was extremely relaxing and not ticklish and I could sense areas of tension too which Natasha worked gently on. She explained to me before she started the treatment how the Clarins approach is very much around the stomach being the second brain - it directly affects the health of the rest of the body and if it isn't happy, your mental health and wellbeing will suffer. I'm a big believer in this too and suspect this is a big reason why this treatment is such a successful mood enhancer.

After both legs were massaged (and feet) and my right arm, Natasha asked me to turn over on the bed and this is where the water pillow really came into it's own as it was so comfortable to lie on front side down (boobs and all that!). She massaged the back of my legs and my back using lovely sweeping movements up my spine and around my lower back - just gorgeous.

After what must have been over an hour of massage, I was left to chill for a while before turning over   and being propped up to adjust back to being upward again. Natasha gave me a glass of water and I was invited to take my time getting dressed and coming out - it was lovely to not feel rushed at all.
Wondering if I could stay for the rest of the day...

How did it make me feel?
As I type this, I'm still buzzing from this treatment. It was simultaneously relaxing and uplifting and I definitely came home with more energy, ready to face an afternoon of solo parenting and working from home after having my couple of hours of me-time.

I can honestly say hand on heart that this is a treatment you should take advantage of if you can. At £70, it's well priced for the amount of hands-on therapy you receive. I have no hesitation recommending this and I'm going to return for another one in September - paid for by myself. 

What about the Beauty Sleep Treatment?
I asked Natasha about the differences between this Rise & Shine Treatment and the Beauty Sleep Treatment - the other option offered - and she advised that the latter uses the relaxation oils in the Clarins range and is a much more calming journey for the body. The lighting in the room and the music is adjusted to reflect this and given its impact on sleep quality it's recommended as an afternoon/evening treatment.

How to book?
Both treatments can be booked via your local Clarins Spa on this link. The Belfast one is in House of Fraser on the Beauty floor, tucked away behind the Clarins counter. You'd never know you were in a busy department store - the therapy rooms are so quiet and peaceful! You can contact the Belfast team on 028 90998588 and I highly recommend Natasha for your treatment.
Happy Chilled Mum wearing:
Blazer - preloved Zara
Bag - preloved Mulberry
Trainers - Diva Boutique Dungannon
(Thanks to Natasha for the picture!)

Thanks to Clarins for the opportunity to try this treatment and for calming down a stressy mum who's been having a mini mental health meltdown (behind the scenes - don't ask!) in recent weeks. This treatment was exactly the tonic I needed. It was gifted to me in return for sharing on my social channels and I wasn't obliged to write this blog post. I wanted to do the treatment justice though and a blog post felt like the best way to do so.



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  1. I’ve had this treatment too! Amazing! Was so energised and ready for the day - the week! Usually treatments zonk me out - loved this.


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