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Another big catch up post on the outfit front. Now the kids are back to school, I'll hopefully get back to my two-weekly posts. The summer was a bit of a blur and I'll be honest, stylish dressing wasn't a priority - practicality largely drove  my outfits, especially while up on the North Coast on our holiday. So here's my mixed up collection of outfits starting with the day we went school shoe shopping in Donaghy's in Banbridge. I'm so glad I went and did this early as one of my friends had to drive for over 60 miles yesterday getting shoes for her kids as stock had sold out...plus the kids are just back from the first day at school reporting that there are no sore feet or blisters 🙌🏼


Cashmere Crew Neck from Woolovers | 20% OFF | Style

I'm a relatively recent convert to the cashmere club - I used to think they couldn't be worth the money. Yes, lovely and soft but so light! How on earth could they keep you as warm as people say?
Then I went to work in Field Day back in 2016, one of the coldest offices I've ever worked in! It's a warehouse and is difficult to heat and I noticed that Alix the owner wore cashmere every day so I thought I'd give it a try. My first purchase was a black cashmere crew neck and I've never looked back. Talk about a revelation! I think it remains my most worn jumper and the price per wear must surely be in half-pennies by now.


AllSaints Outlet | Shopping

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Back with a bang to tip you off about a great outlet sale at AllSaints. It's a brand I used to love and aspire to but which has definitely dropped its standards in recent years...and not its prices. Apart from the leather, which remains excellent (though pricey!), the rest of the collection I find can be hit and miss and the quality varies. I go in regularly but rarely purchase, whereas in the past, I would have bought one piece per season.


What I've Been Wearing 11 | Style

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It's been a VERY long time since I did one of these. I was going great guns with my 2 weekly updates and now this one covers more than a month of outfits. But better late than never and I'll get back into the regular posting groove once the kids are back at school.

So in no particular order and I'll be honest, some of these I can't even remember when they were taken...but I remember the first one because it's from my day trip to Dublin with Nicola from Strawberry Blonde Beauty Blog - a trip we had been trying to arrange for ages finally happened back in June just before the kids broke up for the summer and this is what I wore...
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