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As part of my paid collaboration with M&S this month, I'm looking at footwear and at this time of the year, there are 3 types of footwear that in my view, you need to have in your wardrobe so you're ready for the season ahead....and as it happens, each one addresses a question I get on a regular basis...

1. Trainers
I'm asked all the time where to get well priced, comfortable, white leather trainers and every time, I share these ones - they have been my consistent favourites since I got them way back at the end of February and the best bit is that they're getting better with age - more and more like a certain designer brand that are sold already distressed.
I'm also drawn to these ones online as I love that they're completely plain white - they remind me of my Seven Boot Lane ones that my 10 year old has taken ownership of. The reviews are not good - never a deal breaker for me though as I personally never leave reviews...I reckon like TripAdvisor, people are faster to leave a negative than a positive one. Instead I went into my local shop and tried them on and I can give them the thumbs up - the quality is great. Size down though!

2. Loafers
Next most popular footwear question I get asked is about flat shoes for work. I do wonder if anyone actually wears heels to work these days? Perhaps in the office but I suspect not to and from - we've all become so accustomed to wearing flat, comfortable shoes, it seems running in heels has become a bit of a lost art. 
My go to for a smarter foot is a loafer and M&S have delivered in this department with bells on in these beauties. I have them in the animal print but the red and black are both gorgeous. All the Gucci vibes and so comfortable too!

For a change from black, how about these classic berry coloured wearable with black/brown/grey/green..

3. Boots
Third question I get is how to extend midi/maxi dress wearing into the colder weather and there are two types of boots that tick that box - slouchy long boots and chunky, hiking style ankle boots. But the chunky ones are great for jeans too so I'll kick off with them and these first ones are a nice gentle nod to the trend. They're an elegant shape with a fab buckle detail and they're not too heavy and hiking-like.
These next ones though are a proper hiking style option but very wearable - the brown doesn't get a good review online but I prefer the black anyway...I think the brown will look too much like an actual hiking boot. But seriously how good is it that these are properly in fashion? So amazing and practical for the wet and rubbish winter days. I tried these on yesterday in a size 6 and they were so comfortable.

Moving onto the slouch look and this style will keep your dresses in use for way longer this winter - add some leggings or thick tights and you'll have none of the cold ankles that shorter boots can give you. These are the ones I like the most in M&S and they come in a grey suede 
as well as classic black
Great heel height for daily wear but also a nice neat shape for wearing out. Don't wear with jeans though - no matter what you see on the M&S website. They go from 'seriously on trend' to 'hickorama' if you wear them with blue jeans. The M&S website is improving but it's got a bit to go yet when it comes to styling...

Disclaimer - this post was written as part of my monthly collaboration with M&S. I was not gifted any of the footwear. My links are affiliate so that M&S can track the traffic that comes from here to their website and they may pay me a small commission if you buy and keep any of the items I've linked to. This commission is entirely ploughed back into this website to help with upkeep/security/URL licence etc. It doesn't change the cost of the item for you, nor does it preclude you from availing of other offers and discounts. Thanks for supporting the brands that consistently support this blog and help keep it going x

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