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Well it's taken me a few weeks to post this but the greetings are no less sincere - Happy New Year!
After a lovely Christmas break with lots of great family and friend time, I've struggled to get back into the blogging space but I thought it was about time I got some 2020 thoughts and plans written down - as much for myself as anything. Fail to plan and all that...

2020 sees me enter my 10th year of blogging. It started as a hobby and looking back, I probably didn't capitalise on all of the opportunities that those early days offered. In fact, the blog has only started paying for itself in the last 2 years. And when I say paying for itself, I mean just about covering the website/email costs and the number of hours I spend on here. It's definitely not an income source I can rely on so I've been actively seeking more freelance work this month.

That's not to say the blog couldn't be a bigger source of income but that always involves selling out too much. The small amount of brand work I already do feels like selling out to some degree so to make the blog my only source of income would involve many more #ad posts and I'm just not willing to do this. I don't think you want it either.

So what are the plans for the coming year? I'm not setting anything in stone - never one to do that and blogging changes so much so it would be unwise to be too prescriptive. But I have a few thoughts and plans that I want to be able to look back on during the year when lacking in direction or struggling for content.
  • I will continue to buy less & buy better. As I've done for a couple of years now, I'm avoiding fast fashion, pile em high/sell them cheap outlets like ASOS, New Look, Primark and the supermarkets. In 2019 there was the odd thing here and there - literally 2 or 3 things - but 2020 I want that to be zero.

  • I will still share the best of the high street with you all on this blog. You've told me you want more try ons and brand edits because you're busy and don't have time to trawl the shops yourself. I've an ongoing relationship with M&S where I feature them monthly but I'll also mix it up with other brands and businesses across a range of prices. Buying better doesn't have to mean spending more. For instance, I'll be celebrating the best of the sales throughout - including my next post...stand by!

  • Personally, I will endeavour to buy more from actual shops rather than online. I am increasingly uncomfortable about the amount of packaging in online purchases - and I'm sure there's a ton of waste in other different forms when it comes to getting an item from the retailer to me. I was horrified also to read an article recently about the issue of brands dumping their returned items as it can be too labour intensive to prep them for resale. Obviously, I will buy online occasionally - but I'll be much smarter about it.

  • I want to move away from social media and use this blog more as the year goes on. This is a tricky one as brands always request social coverage and actually the try ons work best in the Instagram stories format but I'm still going to focus on moving more and more content to this channel. I'm conscious that over recent years, my blog posts have declined in numbers and I don't want 2020 to continue this trend. 

  • I will make more of an effort to broaden my content beyond fashion - as requested by so many of you. Cookery is the main area you want me to cover so I am planning how to integrate this is a useful way - I find cooking for the family as challenging as the next mum and hopefully by documenting it on here, it will help me to get more organised too.

I would also appreciate your feedback. Please let me know what you'd like to see on here by messaging me, commenting here (if it's not too much of a faff!) or sending an email to 2020 will see me working more outside of the blog so time will always be the challenge but I'll keep a list of everything and do my best to incorporate as much as possible.

Finishing with a heartfelt THANK YOU - for all the encouragement, the comments, the emails and the love. I would have given this game up long ago without it.

I hope this year brings many happy times for you and your families.
Much love,



  1. Delighted to see your blog pop up. I'm aiming for a no clothes shopping year, have so much in wardrobe but always interested getting ideas to style things, so delighted to see you come up with.

  2. Happy New Year Avril! Couldn't agree more about the packaging that comes with online shopping - jeez the guilt! Def need to read more on streamlining wardrobe and only buying mindfully. Half my stuff is never in the wardrobe as there's no room!

  3. Hi Avril. Love your blog. I too am attempting to buy very little. There are just a few key pieces missing from my current wardrobe (such as a couple of good quality/versatile handbags). I've better things to do with my money - ie., work to the house and travel. Look forward to reading more of your blog over the year. Take care

  4. Rachel Hawkesworth12:04

    Happy New Year. I love your ideas for 2020 and look forward to following the blog. One thing I would love you to cover would be ideas for tweens and teens. My daughter is 11 but size 13-14 (and growing!). I find it difficult to shop for this age group whilst sticking to my principles of avoiding fast fashion and shopping ethically as much as possible. I'd love some general ideas for good quality, affordable and ethical clothes and shoes for older children.

  5. Anonymous13:19

    I really appreciate the content here and the way you present it, and as a US reader I like how your blog exposes me to different trends and styles. Personally, Instagram just doesn't work for me so I appreciate you using this space and happy to see you continue to focus on this in 2020. And I also appreciate your efforts in keeping your blog as "pure" as you can, but as a freelancer, I understand the challenge of balancing passion, effort and funding! As such, I thank you so much for spending the time you do on a very quality product.

  6. Karen17:22

    Some great idea's for 2020. Really enjoy your posts and also seeing you pop up on instagram too is nice, though I appreciate that can be hard work for you to keep it rolling. I definitely intend to shop my wardrobe more this year, I am guilty as charged because I love shopping ! But I do feel sad about the landfill situation and feel the need to balance my purchases better. Looking forward to more great reads, keep up the good work, you are very appreciated Avril x

  7. Anonymous19:39

    I love your blog - so pleased you're going to keep it going. I'm aiming for a no-spend/very low spend this year. I've just read Lauren Bravo's excellent book 'How to Break up with Fast Fashion'and I'm determined I'm not going to shop mindlessly this year. Would love ideas on styling as I've got way too many clothes and am sure I could wear things a different way to get more out of them.


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