Some Small Businesses to Support during the Lockdown...

Throughout the lockdown, I've been blown away by how innovative some local businesses have become. When shops were forced to close, instead of lying down and taking the hit, so many of them have raised their games impressively in order to give themselves the best chance of having a business to return to after Covid.
So I thought I'd do a blog post to showcase some of these, in the knowledge that this is always going to be a difficult one because I can't shout out everyone or you'd be reading for days. I've featured a few in a bit more detail first and then I've added a few more names & links at the end of this post of others that are well worth checking out too.



Surviving Lockdown | Life Lately

Well hello there and how are you? It's been longer than I intended. When I wrote my last blog post, I didn't expect things to change so quickly. Looking back, we weren't really wise were we? I remember being at my book club on the 29th February and one of the girls said she'd been told in work to expect life to change beyond belief and to prepare for personal bereavement. None of us believed it - some even scoffed.
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