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It's been a while and I'm so sorry about that - I do have a few posts in draft format that I will finish up and get posted on here asap but I thought it was only right that I do a 'hello' and life lately kind of post for you before that to partly explain my absence and also to see how you are.

Lockdown has been a real up and down experience for us all hasn't it? I initially struggled with what was going on but then found myself adapting quite well for a good while. I got an exercise routine going, I was working for Field Day for about 20 hours a week and managing to do the home schooling around was busy and it kept my mind off everything.

Then, while doing a Joe Wicks workout back in May, I hurt my back. It was hard to determine at the time if it was a muscular or disc thing and I continued on with life as normal, managing the pain well and it seemed like it would be a short lived back pain issue but unfortunately, in early June, the pain started referring down the leg. I've written about my occasional back episodes before - there's a post on this link. They seem to happen every 3-4 years for me and in-between time, I'm largely pain-free. Massively frustrating but actually, lockdown wasn't the worst time for it to happen I guess. I've had the opportunity to rest up more than I would have ordinarily and just a few weeks on, I've got my pain well-managed, I'm doing weekly physio and daily exercises and I'm back working - desk only though. The try-ons will have to wait for a wee bit longer unfortunately.

So that phase of lockdown was definitely a bit of a downer but as we move closer to August, I feel much more positive and I'm looking forward to getting back to some exercise again to shift those lockdown lb's. 

What else has been going on? Well we've been baking and growing veg, like everyone out there. My husband has loved the extra time in the garden and I have to say it's looking even more amazing than usual. 

We've not really done much in the house as many others have - no impressive before and afters to share. My twins did however make the decision to move to separate bedrooms....a bit emotional for me but it is the right time for them. The only problem was that our spare room has always been a dumping ground for everything that had nowhere else to go! So it was bit of a palaver shifting all that was in the room out, getting rid of some old furniture, repurposing others and buying a couple of new bits and now, a few weeks on, they both have beautiful rooms of their own that they've stamped their personality onto. And I cannot believe how tidy they are! Their shared room was like a bomb hit it they have their own room, they're as neat as a pin...if only the same applied to the teenagers room...

Apart from that, I've collated some lockdown essentials - clothing, beauty, hair and food/drink and I'll gradually work my way through these in blog posts over the coming weeks. I've also a few posts that I want to write about working with brands (again!) and I've a post around blogger/social related stuff too.

I really hope you've managed to get through lockdown ok also. I'm mindful of many of you who've had bereavements and who've not seen their family for ages. I know what the latter is like. I've not seen mine since February and it could be a long time before I do again - that's tough but it's for the best and we will get through it. In the meantime, please stay safe, embrace the face mask and keep pumping that sanitiser. 

It's good to be back...see you soon!

Avril x


  1. Lovely to read your update Avril, and looking forward to your new blogs coming up, especially working with brands and the social stuff! Keeping it real as always, love Michelle xx

  2. Great to read your update. My back pain sounds very similar to yours, I am older than you but suffered exactly the same way following an online keep fit video with too much enthusiasm !!! I am not really very fit, but enjoy a good walk. My set back a few weeks ago has made me think about general strengthening my body. Looking forward to future posts. Karen x


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