The Power of a Scarf

Those of you who know me will know about my scarf obsession. It started a long time ago with neck scarves at work. I had an unhealthy number of assorted coloured silk neck scarves that I wore to work - Every. Single. Day. 
Now I'm at home, the silk scarves have been replaced by casual scarves. Today I took out all my patterned scarves...
I want to show you how I use these scarves to make otherwise plain outfits more interesting and stylish.
My first example is a navy tunic that I like to wear over jeans in Winter or linen trousers in the Summer. As it's short sleeved, I pair it with my H&M turquoise cropped cardigan. Add the stripy blue scarf and it just brings together the two colours beautifully.
Same here with my pink cashmere cardigan and purple top....
And with this cream top and grey wool cardigan from M&S. Very dull before you add the scarf...
I wear the H&M cropped turquoise cardigan quite a lot during the Summer. Another favourite outfit is pairing it with a black linen tunic and this patterned H&M scarf...
There are some gorgeous scarves out there in the shops at the moment and they are an inexpensive way to make your wardrobe look instantly more stylish. Here are some of my favourites...
Citrus Palm Print Scarf
Butterfly Print Scarf - from Warehouse
Another gorgeous bargain from the ASOS Website

So, how many scarves do you have? Can you beat my total of 35? :)


  1. Ooo I love scarfs too. Always wearing one these days. But I never know how to tie them properly, other than a loop. Is there a special way to make them look better? x

  2. Check out this link Amy - it's fab. I should have included it on my blog so thanks for the reminder! You'll have endless hours of playing with your scarves after watching this ;)
    Thanks for the comment x

  3. I do remember your thing about scarves but when I think about you at work, I think about your range of funky about an item about them?

    1. I wear more necklaces in the Summer so will definitely put that idea on the plan for then. Thanks Claire x

  4. OH I love your blog, I am a mum too and it can be so hard to be stylish when you are run off your feet....

    check out my post about the ASOS zebra scarf

    keep up the good work!


    1. Thank you Lucy for your kind comment. Loving your blog've a lot on your plate yet still look great - supermum! And I totally want the scarf now of course - off to Primark tomorrow :)

  5. I LOVE scarves too. I got the cream and blue zebra one in Primark on Sunday. I love it. Only £4.00 so total bargin too.I have a washing basket full of scarves in my wardrobe. Daren't count them though!!

    1. Thanks for your comment - I am so going to Primark tomorrow! You are the second person who's bought the zebra scarf there and I'm feeling left out! lol. Great idea for storing scarves too. I've mine folded on a shelf but it's so hard to keep them tidy :)


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